A fun frustration game you can play against your friends! Both players try to get their Popsicle sticks through the wire hanger course without touching the wire! If you touch the wire your animal will make a sound and you will get a point! Whoever reaches the end with the least points in 60 seconds wins!

Step 1: Materials

-2 wire clothes hangers
-flat piece of cardboard
-makey makey kit
-duct tape
-popsicle sticks
-aluminum foil
-computer with Scratch programming (free online and offline versions)
-Metal wire (a small spool of jewelry making wire is what I used)

<p>Hi I am doing this project for an assignment, (due in tmw) and I cant get the makey makey/interface board to work. the wire hoops on the wand do not interact with the wire course at all (both metal wire) but if i touch the wire (whilst touching the earth) BOTH the left and right arrow lights come on at the same time. :( </p><p>Can you please explain how you connected the makey makey?</p>
this is one of the best diy things I have ever seen
<p>thank you so much! :)</p>

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