2 Strand Stopper/lanyard Knot




Introduction: 2 Strand Stopper/lanyard Knot

Good use for short bits of cord The late Dan Callahan introduced me to this knot

Step 1:

Middle a length of cord and make a loop with the right hand strand

Step 2:

Bring the left hand strand up through the loop and down to the right . . . .

Step 3:

. . . . and up through the loop

Step 4:

Bring the same strand down and up through the loop

Step 5:

Bring the right hand strand around and up through the loop

Step 6:

Start the tightening process. Bight A will rest between the strands at a. Bight B will end up between the strands at b

Step 7:

As you tighten you will have to nudge bights into their proper spot



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