Picture of 2 Watt LED Accent Lamp
If you're like me, you bought LED Christmas lights when they were 75% off... you know, for that project down the road. Here's one way to put those strings to good use.

This was up for display at the Orlando Show and Tell (for the two other people that came :P).

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
String of LED Lights -- DO NOT USE incandescent type lights
Old Soda Bottles or other interesting clear container
spitrat7 years ago
Perhaps they would look better without the labels? Just a thought.
maybe they really like that drink, lol.
SadieX spitrat7 years ago
yes i think they would. LOL. at my house we recycle a lot, but this is a far better use for plastic. but i'd like to buy the christmas lights that flicker.
hcold SadieX6 years ago
Frosting the bottles would add to it.
cool effect! you might also consider using other containers that have the frosted effect as mentioned eg. dollar store sugar jugs & dome shaped salad bowls or even department store storage containers of different sizes
i think you found a bad ass lil thing here.... 2 things...tho 1..you need to frost the glass/plastic...make it opaque some low grit sand paper will do.....then it would look so much kooler..... 2....make it portibal.(led's low wat ,1 batery would run it)
go to the instructable i posted as a reply to kirnex and he ony thing that u need is to replace the regular 9v plug with a female 9v abattery adaptor then you can hook it up to a power source that goes to one of the 9v battery cap things
kirnex7 years ago
These would make a neat light with a wine bottle, I'm thinking. :-)
im_tux kirnex7 years ago
there is a idea already in use my mom wants to make one, if you use a wine botle you just need to use a glass bit near the botto and use incandesent bulbs cuz the glass can take the heat or, go to http://www.instructables.com/id/Bawls-Blue-Crystal-LED-Light/?ALLSTEPS

the guy did a great job here im thinking of making one.
Hypn0tic8 years ago
peterrus8 years ago
Such an easy project, But still, a very good effect. Did you know that blue is the most relaxing color of all? So, I think this colorcombination will really freak you out :P Nice work, I favved it.
botronics8 years ago
Really nice. I did something like that, but I think I worked too hard. You can view my "Jar -O-Circuits" at
Thats quite nice :) It inspired me, maybe I will make some kind of variation some day.
fegundez18 years ago
orlando show...bummer i missed again.u can also use the incandesant style if you wrap the lights around the outside of the bottles or use pvc stands.as usual exc. instructable.
SerJ fegundez18 years ago
just wondering, why cant you put the 'incandescent type lights' inside the bottle? do they get too hot? and if im buying them in a second-hand shop, without the original label, how do i know if they are incandescent or not? thanks!
SerJ SerJ8 years ago
thanks alot fegundez, very helpful.
trebuchet03 (author)  SerJ8 years ago
Some will get too hot -- and it's just not worth the risk. Incandescent bulbs look like miniature light bulbs -- inside you'll see a filament (the part that makes light). LEDs look a bit different - in fact they can be all sorts of different shapes :/ Try searching Google for more info and picture ;)
this is waaay cool. seriously. very creative... and psychedelic... like a modern upcycled lava lamp...
Very cool. I've put LED Christmas lights up along the ceiling in my sons room and use them as a night light, he's big into Buzz Lightyear and Spaceships etcetera, so now he thinks of his nightlight as lights on his very own space ship..
mikesty8 years ago
Very, very awesome. Trebuchet, your work is so cool!
HamO mikesty8 years ago
Ditto, thanks for sharing.
Aeshir8 years ago
This be 1337, foo. :D
trebuchet03 (author) 8 years ago
I forgot to mention... my apologies for posting so much recently :P I've been so hammered with school that I haven't had time to document what I've done. So now I'm playing catchup with my free night :P