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Why Is My Tea Always so Bitter?

Most people leave their tea bag in the tea waaay too long.

After about five minutes, No more tea flavorings come out to the water, And then, Chlorophyll (This is what makes the green color in plants) Makes the tea really bitter.

I personally like to drink sometimes cold lemon mint tea (It's basically like very weak lemonade..) so the chlorophyll isn't that much of a problem for me since it dissolves faster into the drink in warm water

Step 1: Temperature

It is recommended to boil your water for most teas at about 96 degrees Celsius (205 degrees Fahrenheit)

This is because at 100 (212 degrees fahrenheit) degrees, The oxygen (somehow) starts leaving the water which ruins the waters flavor.

You can try this experiment yourself, It is really noticeable!

For more info about water temperatures

For information about more types of tea

Step 2: Sugar First?

It is recommended to put the tea-bag in the water and then, only after a couple, minutes to add the sugar

I think it has something to do withe the chemical bonding of the tea that the sugar dissolves into the water faster, and then it is too hard for the tea molecules to desolve too.

As you see, As a thirteen year old, I'm not a proffesional chemist :) And I'll be happy if someone would be able to explain this a bit better

This wasn't a regular workshop project, But, more of an informative thing, I just wanted to share it with the world since most people don't know these facts...


Edbed (author)2015-07-31

I'm not sure that chlorophyll is what makes the tea overly bitter, I thought it was the tannins in tea which slowly leach out and so after a while the tea will have too much and so will be too bitter. However, the time to reach this point depends on the type of tea, I assume you are talking about black tea as that is what most people refer to when they say tea.

Chlorophyll is in many foods and I do not think it is bitter, as when you eat many green leaves, such as lettuce, they are not bitter.

With the sugar I could see how it could affect the rate of dissolving of the flavour compounds, as there would be less water molecules dissolve the flavour compounds. However, in practice in a cup of tea I can't see the small amount of sugar would actually have any difference.

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