2 by Floor Lamp





Introduction: 2 by Floor Lamp

This easy DIY lamp creates an intimate and warming glow. The design is composed of materials that are available from your local big box home improvement retailer. This lamp can easily be made for for under $10 in under an hour. The lamp can easily transform by using a longer length 2x4, this will distribute light on the upper portions of the wall, add a colored cord for a punch of color. Imagine these flanking your sofa or bed, they would be sure to add some visual interest to bare walls. Additional considerations would be to add rubber bumpers to the bottom to avoid slippage and a picture hanging hook at the top if the length of the 2x4 is increased.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

Materials Needed:

2) 1/2” Rigid Conduit 2 hole Strap

1) 2”x4” Pine Stud (For my version I used a reclaimed scrap 2x4 it has been weathered for sometime outdoors)

1) 2’ Rope light kit (Hampton Bay)

1) 24“ x 3” Aluminum Foil/ Reflective material

4) #7 x 1” Screw (Or any size screw that will fit the hole in the conduit straps)

Adhesive (Tape/Glue)

Tools Needed:


Drill w/ Phillips head bit or Screw Driver

Step 2: Build Your Lamp!



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    This is great, especially the title!