2-channel Remote Control Without IC[Good for Helicopters!]





Introduction: 2-channel Remote Control Without IC[Good for Helicopters!]

This Instructable will show you how to make a 2-channel remote control which you can use for your remote control helicopters!
For a multi channel remote control, you can use a CD4017 both in the transmitter and the receiver circuits.
You will need:
2 555 timer ICs
2 10uf Capacitors
2 10k resistors
3 1k resistors
2 10nf capacitors
5 BC547 transistors
2 1N4148 diodes
some wires
A breadboard(it is good to first prototype it)

Step 1: Clock Circuit

This part uses:
555 timer IC
10uf Capacitor
10nf capacitor
10k resistor
1k resistor

The frequency of the circuit will be 11.99 Hz. If you want to increase the frequency, reduce the resistance and capacitance and you will be done

This circuit's diagram is not by me. It is from :
It will also have a calculator to calculate the frequency of the circuit.

Also you will need to build one more for the receiver.

Step 2: NOT Gate

Here i am going to show how to build the NOT gate.
This is the one which will be connected to the clock.

Step 3: The Remaining Circuit (transmitter)

the clock there is the output pin(3) of the clock circuit
input1 and input2 are the inputs you want to give signal inputs to.
and the right end is the output wire. That's the wire where we are going to transmit the signal. connect it to any oscillator or an ir led.

Step 4: The Receiver

Do as shown in this schematic. Now you can try connecting an SCR from the clock to the first transistor for synchronization. That works-- of course!

I hope y'all will be happy with your new circuit!

Don't worry, it surely works!

I will post the proof video soon[i find it hard to upload my video because it is big]

Thank you for reading this instructable!



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    can I use this circuit for rc plane

    Well, the circuit above is only a modulator. You must make the transmitter circuit separately, or a simple IR LED could be connected to the circuit. In the latter case, the range will be upto 10 metres.

    Good day can you help me how to connect your circuit in my automatic light curtain controlled. Do you have any contact information?

    sir can you help me make a transmitter and reciever that can rotate a dc motor forward and reverse and also stop?

    Yes! I will be extending the instructable to describe in detail various applications of the remote control, and there you can find it.

    Does it only transmit the on signal to the receiver, or is it possible too to transmit the off signal to the receiver ?

    The question has a trivial answer, or it is not clear

    When the transmitter transmits positive voltage or lights up an IR LED, it is considered an 'on' signal. Otherwise, it is considered an 'off' signal

    I'm new at electronics can you please provide me more simple schematic.
    Thanking you.

    I am new to circuits. Could you please explain how the synchronization part of it works?