Yum, buttons. I do love buttons. Boxes full of them, to run through my fingers. Especially pretty ones, to replace boring ones on clothing, turn into jewellery, decorate accessories with, or just look at! However, sometimes, you just can't find the button you want - thats where these come in!

The ones I'm making need the use of a laser cutter or other CNC equipment, but towards the end (step 4), I'll explain a couple of ways to do this by hand too.

You'll need:

access to CAD software
access to a laser cutter
3mm thick acrylic
poster paints
paint brush

On the last page of this instructable, there are some curriculum links - I've done this with my students, maybe you'll find somewhere to include it in a project with yours too.

Step 1: Design Your Buttons

The easiest way to make your own buttons is to draw a simple circle, and then decorate it. The basic circular buttons in the picture on the first step are 30mm across, and have 4 sewing holes that are 3.5mm across (see the picture for guidance). I've then decorated my buttons with simple patterns made from line tools and geometric shapes.

Simple tends to work best!

So that the laser cutter can "read" the pictures, I've changed the colour of my cutting lines to red, and the engraving lines to black.
I love the curriculum connection. These are beautiful, and I'm sure kids are motivated to go above and beyond what's required in order to include these in their projects.
Those are beautiful! So simple, but it adds just the right touch!

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