2 Liter Storage





Introduction: 2 Liter Storage

An easy, awesome, throwable, portable storage thingy.

Step 1: Door

mark a door on the side 4 to 5 inches wide and any length down... also cut off the label

Step 2: Seal

1. open door and smooth edges for easy open/close on hinge. then take some hot glue and glue a rubber band to the side of the door closer to the non-hinged side. then take a drill and drill a small hole in the opposite side and glue a small pointed object in the hole... you have a latch!

Step 3: Finish

Thanks, please comment... oh and add a screw on lid and LEDs (not shown) for the awesome storage unit



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    dang thats cool. at first i was like how the heck is the book in the bottle.. but then i saw the other pictures and stuff. cool instructable :D

    alright, like did anybody else get what this as about? Because I know I certainly didn't.

    I feel we need a "2 liter bottle uses" guide on Instructables...

    yes, now you have a book taking 3 times the space in the shelf... cool...

    yeah I don't get that either. What's the point? It's not air or water tight. What purpose does this serve?

    its purpose is to sit there and be awesome. but seriously, i dont get the point of it. either

    If the bottle was clear, it could a quasi-terrarium.

    That's cool, in a surreal "hey-look-at-that-book-in-a-bottle-wait-how-didi-that-book-get-in-the-bottle" sort of way...

    i can make a ship in a bottle now LMAO!

    man u have to much time