An easy, awesome, throwable, portable storage thingy.

Step 1: door

mark a door on the side 4 to 5 inches wide and any length down... also cut off the label
These are great ideas that I could use at home! I am always amazed by storage DIY ideas, especially that I am working in the storage business. My interest is sparked when I started working for my current company, Super Cheap Storage, and since then, I have been looking for cheap DIY storage solutions.
dang thats cool. at first i was like how the heck is the book in the bottle.. but then i saw the other pictures and stuff. cool instructable :D
alright, like did anybody else get what this as about? Because I know I certainly didn't.<br>
I feel we need a &quot;2 liter bottle uses&quot; guide on Instructables...
yes, now you have a book taking 3 times the space in the shelf... cool...
yeah I don't get that either. What's the point? It's not air or water tight. What purpose does this serve?
its purpose is to sit there and be awesome. but seriously, i dont get the point of it. either
If the bottle was clear, it could a quasi-terrarium.
That's cool, in a surreal "hey-look-at-that-book-in-a-bottle-wait-how-didi-that-book-get-in-the-bottle" sort of way...
i can make a ship in a bottle now LMAO!
man u have to much time
why do you hate me.
sorry it's kinda pointless
You could make the door, and slide the label back on so u cant see the cuts, and amaze your friends with your abilities to put books in bottles!
Don't understand step from directions, can't see anything in photo. How does the latch work?

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