2 Minute Christmas Bracelet





Introduction: 2 Minute Christmas Bracelet

All you need is just a coconut leaf to make a Christmas bracelet.

Step 1: Collect a Tender Coconut Leaf From a Coconut Tree

Step 2:

  • Hold both ends of leaf and remove the center part of the leaf.
  • Take one half of the leaf.

Step 3:

  • Now cut the leaf into two unequal parts.
  • The larger part is held vertically and the smaller part is kept horizontally under the larger part as shown in picture.
  • Fold the horizontal leaf ¬†which is on your left to right and upon that the right leaf to left.
  • Fold the vertical leaf which is up towards down and then the down leaf to up(now we can find a square formed from this foldings)and insert it into the square which is formed from the back.
  • Hold the square tight and drag the leaf down.

Step 4:

  • Now reverse the leaf and you can find a square with horizontal leaf towards right and vertical leaf towards down.
  • Insert the right horizontal leaf and drag the leaf from left and insert the same leaf into the square from left and drag from right.

Step 5:

Make sure both sides have the same length by cutting any excess.

Step 6:

  • Place it on your wrist with horizontal leaf downward.
  • Circle the wrist with horizontal leaf and insert into square from above.
  • Hold the square and drag the leaf from down.
  • And that's your 2 minute bracelet for Christmas is ready..

Happy Christmas.



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    "Excuse me sir, would you happen to know what the time is?"

    "Tahme to be saved bah the lawd"

    Yes, pretty easy..just the technique lies in holding the leaf carefully...

    My family does this on Palm Sunday

    Oh,i have done this when i am so young as a kid for bracelet.
    Now just remembered because of this contest.