Picture of orangeaid with oj and sugar
This easy orange aid can be made in two minutes with minimal materials. There are no set amounts, these are just my recommendations. By the way, I did not come up with this recipe, it was actually shown to me by a friend.

Step 1: Gather materials

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easy enough, just get a large glass, orange juice, a spoon of sugar, and a spoon.
Kaiven7 years ago
Soo... It doesn't taste like watered down OJ?
Bartboy Kaiven7 years ago
no becayse the sugar intensifies the juice
i just made it. it is honestly the best drink I've ever had!
suggsugg (author)  nsmb9876543217 years ago
yeah, it really is good even though it's also really easy
I tried this but made a couple changes. First I added more orange juice and a spoonful more sugar (everything is better if you add more sugar =P). Then I added lemon juice, a spoonful of brown sugar and some honey to sweeten it even more. I also used a homemade carbonation machine to make it carbonated. I have a sweet tooth =). Happy drink making!
suggsugg (author)  ididntdoit527 years ago
man, that sounds so good. you should make an instructable on it.
wow, looks good. is it sweet? sweet orange juice = the best :-)
suggsugg (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
yeah, it's really sweet
lol. yes I believe it will be VERY sweet, considering OJ plain is sweet, then you add a bunch of sugar, it WILL be VERY sweet :-)
I know your name... its andrew. mwahahahahha!!
:-O!!! howd you no!!!!
i dont know, it just came to me and i figurred it out!!!!
damnt man! :-P
tomonto7 years ago
so... you water down the orange juice, then add extra sugar......that doesn't sound good.
suggsugg (author)  tomonto7 years ago
I know, but it is.