2 Simple Lego Technic Guns

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Introduction: 2 Simple Lego Technic Guns

(This is my first instructable)
So many people ask for Lego instead of Knex guns. I have compiled 2 lego guns, one single shot, the other semi-auto, for you. You will need to use Lego Digital Designer to view how to make them.

Step 1: Gun 1

Here is the first gun.

Step 2: Gun 2

Here is the second gun.



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    how did you get this site/page popular

    cool guns, but can you show how to make them.

    Sorry, this is (i think) my first instructable, so I did not post direct instructions. However, if you download Lego Digital Designer (look it up on google), you can download the .lxf file and import it. The instructions will be there :D

    Ooooooohhh, now i know what you mean. You mean to upload that file up there on to Lego Digital Desingner.

    oh, thanks for that, nice guns.

    I used the longer handle as a stationary object and used a angled rod in betwween the grip and what was the old trigger and wrapped a rubber band around the larger handle and new trigger. The rubber band was used to supply tension on the trigger to keep it from releasing the ammo to soon. I'll post a picture soon

    I made another gun like yours except it has a different firing mechanism

    Interesting, how did you do it? Do you have any pictures? I'm curious :)