2 Ways to Make a Balloon Float Without Helium


Introduction: 2 Ways to Make a Balloon Float Without Helium

This shows how you can make a balloon float without the use of helium with stuff you can find easily or around your house.



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    can i have the steps?

    He is floating the lighter air balloon in the heavier dry ice carbon dioxide gas.
    Some more info about density and balloons: http://www.trulyscience.com/articles.php?id=11

    Ypu arent supposed to be touching dry ice with your bare hands

    That's cool! I didn't know that!

    Balloons are always fun to mess with... Great job!

    Small, pea-sized balls of aluminum foil to cover the bottom of your flask. Cover the foil balls with a teaspoon of Red-Devil Lye (or the equivalent) ...Pre-stretch the balloon, (Blow it up completely first, then let the air out)...Cover the mixture with water and quickly place the balloon over the flask. It will fill with the reaction and you will have enough to rise the balloon to the ceiling.

    Notes:The gas is highly explosive. The flask will reach a high temperature during the reaction.