Picture of 2 yards away from the apron of your dreams
Why spend lots of money on an apron when you can make an equally cute one in your own home? With just two yards of fabric and a sewing machine, you can make this beautiful high- waisted apron. This apron is perfect for teenage girls who are just getting into cooking and baking, college students, newlyweds or frankly any woman at all. It makes a lovely affordable gift as well. 
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Step 1: Supply List

Picture of Supply List
For this apron you will need the following:
1 yard of background fabric (flower pattern) 
1 yard of accent fabric ( red polka-dot) 
Two buttons (One for the waist band and one for the pocket.) 
1 1/2 yards of rick rack   
Thread to match 
A sewing machine 

A pencil with an eraser 
Measuring tape 

Step 2: Cutting the pieces

Picture of Cutting the pieces
Step 2A: cutting the background pieces 
Line up the background fabric with right sides together so that you have a rectangle that is about 19" x 33" and cut three inches off the end so that you have a rectangle that is 19" x 33". 
Step 2B: cutting the straps 
With right sides together, cut out two 36" x 9" pieces. 

Step 2C: cutting the bottom accent piece and waistband
With right sides together, cut  two additional  33" x 9 pieces. Then take one of these pieces and fold down the center and using the pocket pattern (see images) cut a curve for the center of the waistband. 

Step 2D: cutting the pocket 
 With remaining accent fabric, cut two pocket pieces using pocket pattern. 
bhahn14 years ago
Wow this is such a cute apron! I've been looking for a cute one out there, but now I think I'm just going to have to make one! Great job!
wiininja5 years ago
Awesome job! This looks great and I'm going to tell my sister who loves to sew about this.
klind (author)  wiininja5 years ago
alleneleven5 years ago
Love it! Very descriptive and I can't wait to try it :)
klind (author)  alleneleven5 years ago
GREAT APRON! I just used this pattern and instructions to make my very own first apron! Thanks for all the pictures and great descriptions! I loveee my apron. I cant wait to make more!
klind (author)  xxjesusfreak08xx5 years ago
Thanks so much! glad you like it.