Step 8: Where's the Z axis :(

Picture of Where's the Z axis :(
Don't worry I didn't forget about that

Moving along

Now we want to add a mount for are rotary tool to the acrylic sheet on the z axis

I used a pipe holder and a screw clamp, you can buy both these items at a local hardware store for really cheap.

You have to cut a little lip to attach to the acrylic sheet because the pipe mount isn't going to be flat once you slide the rotary tool in because it expands.

Place the pipe mount on top of the acrylic lip and glue.

Required Materials

Quantity Type Cost

1 Pipe mount 0.40

1 Screw clamp Free

69fordf1004 years ago
where do you find a pipe mount?
You can find a pack of them for a few bucks at a gas station.