20 Instructables! on to the Next Ten...





Introduction: 20 Instructables! on to the Next Ten...

The magic 20!
This time, a whole lot of other things than guns will be posted, although, there will be a few guns.
I'm hoping to post my first knex walker (this time for real), some prototypes, some new gear designs, and a whole lot more!

Enjoy the slideshow!



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    The 7th pick is the Vitra 67-C Knex Rifle!

    Whats the 14th and 15th pick?

    i love your concept of knex! not just all guns but something to actually be proud of

    So what you basically just said is that you can't be rpoud on a K'nex gun? That sounds kinda lame, but i do like more than only guns. I'm going through a really robot and vehicle phase now with my K'nex :P

    bro u sellin any guns? ill buy a cuple depending on price

    Do you know what the name actually means? It means "beach critter". :P I know the vid, but it looks like a horrible job to make. I'm not making any promises but i'll try ok? :)

    Thanks man! This really helps! When i saw that, it didn't look that complicated! Gonna try it out right now! :D