This is a simple way to make a baby blanket. Takes about 20 minutes or less once you get the hang of it. You'll need scissors, yarn, yarn needle, 2 panels of 1.25 yards of coordinating fabric, and two packages of double fold bias tape (quilt binding) and of course a sewing machine.
cute thanks
Love how quick and easy that is! I will be making a few for my bun in the oven! Thanks!
I had a blanket JUST like this in kindergarten. Someone had made them for our whole class. I remember playing with the yarn, trying not to fall asleep, and waking up wondering WHY I couldn't stay up.
 I live in Alaska, so adding a layer of batting for some added warmth is a good idea, too.
How great that such a young lady can teach us all how to de-complicate making a needed item or make a gift.  She make it so explanatory that even without a sewing machine, one might attemp it!  Thank you.
Embroidery floss works better than yarn. Use all 6 strands together. Just as strong, but not so lumpy.
My son loves to twirl the yarn in his fingers as he's falling asleep. Yes, embroidery floss works fine too.
Cute and looks easy enough that I think I could try it!

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