Introduction: 20 Minute Desk

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Moving can be frustrating at times, and you end up in situations where not all your stuff ends up moving with you. I needed a temporary desk, that was big and cheap, so I made this.

Step 1: Materials Adn Tools

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I got my inspiration at HomeDepot where I came across this wire-frame shelf's for $18. Had a sheet of plywood cut to 26" longways, got some corner brackets, and was on my way home. All I had to do is put it together.

Tool needed: screwdriver and a tape measure

Step 2:

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Assemble shelf's just like in the instructions, with the exception of the top shelf. Top shelf needs to be upside-down. Insert corner bracket in-between the frame. place shelf upside-down on top of the plywood, and screw in.

Step 3: Finished

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Great idea

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