I like calling this one 'The Fifth Wheel', as you'll see why as we proceed. I don't think Ill be finished with these man-powered washing machines for a while. I'm drawing up plans for a Full Sized Front Loading Washing Machine, as this has seem to open up some more ideas to me. I'm really disappointed that there are other man-powered washers out there that tend to come with a ridiculous price tag to them. I don't know if I could legally name them here, so just run a Google search on 'man powered washing machines'.

As always... I can only show you what I have done to make this

*** For educational Purposes Only, This should not be attempted***



wat abut leakage around the screws. should also put in a rear drain of some kind.
Adding a drain is prolly a necessity on this one as it is harder to just empty this. Even a half inch hole on the bottom out of the way of the fifth wheel. Keep in mind, I've had 5 gals of water at times in here, your looking at 40+ pounds just with water. There is some leakage, but I found it to be minimal. I do not recommend indoor use
Great idea!
I dont know if you intended to or have watched the t.v. series the colony (a study on post apocalyptic survival) but they made this exact washing machine setup to eash there clothes and then they just jacked a bicycles back wheel up (exercise bike style) and had it rub the side. nice instructable though but maybe if you happened to see your idea somewhere it would be proper to give proper credit to where you came up with it
I have heard of the series tho I have never watched it. Thank you for giving credit where it was due. I dont know if they made an instructable about it or published it on the web
Good idea! Now you should build a system that powers this from a bicycle. Make it even better: add something to reverse rotation direction and youare golden!
holy cow wow a disclaimer?
LOL, yeah found that one and sounded good
Excellent concept. not far from motorisation. I made a paperclay tumbler in a similar way on an upside down skateboard. motorizing it was just a matter of a belt around the tumbler and a motor to drive the belt around.

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