20 Inch Hub Motor Conversion Kit for Electric Bike




Introduction: 20 Inch Hub Motor Conversion Kit for Electric Bike

About: Leaf Motor Technology Co Ltd. was established in 2001,specialized in manufacturing bike kits,brushless hub motors,BLDC motors, motorized wheels.The company has been listed as the key enterprise of bike parts...

Q: I have looked at your leaf motor and want to buy one bike kit includes hub motor wheel, BLDC motor controller and twist grip throttle. I am looking at a 20 inch wheel with 1000 Watt hub motor, but I think that one may not be enough to handle the load. I am looking to build a three wheeled vehicle and look at the possibility that I may need to power
2 or all 3 of the BLDC hub motor wheels to achieve my goals. I am thinking of building two or three of these three wheeled vehicles. What can you do to help?

A: Thanks for you are interested in electric bike conversion kit  . For my personal idea, use a 20" 1000w brushless hub motor to convert a front wheel, front drive is much better. If possible, order two sets of 20" 1000w BLDC hub motors with one high power brushless motor controller to convert two rear wheels - rear drive. It’s no problem with forward and reverse. But when you turn left or turn right, you will get a little trouble. Only under much lower speed can turn left or right.
Convert two wheels that is enough. If you always ride on flat road, only convert one front wheel.

Q: I was thinking the 20 inch 1000 Watt bike conversion kit as exampled.
What I had vision was to use 3 BLDC motor controllers, but using one on front and one larger for the 2 rear hub motor wheels may make things easier.
For turning it is easy to not worry about differential control on the rear wheels, such as turn radius larger than 5 M differential on the rear wheels is not consequential as centerline width is app 720 mm.
It would be very easy to turn the inside wheel off by disconnect, or turn the rear drive off all together and let the front wheel do the deep turning.
So what I need is real pricing for three sets of bike conversion kits includes three BLDC hub motors, two BLDC motor controllers. One 1000 W for front, and the other 2000 W for the two rear hub motor, or what is possible to have one 3000 watt drive to run three brushless hub motors?
Please note that the vehicle will need a lot of power to traverse some of the steep ramps and terrain.
It seems that the 1000 W hub motor seems to have app 17 Nm torque and that would mean that three would have just enough torque to carry the load.

A: We suggest you order below bike conversion kits :
1.3 sets of 20" 48V 1000W hub motors (one for front, the other two for rear hub motor)
2.1 set of 48V 1000W LCD BLDC motor controller to drive front wheel, LCD display speed, battery gauge.
3.1 set of 48V 2000W brushless motor controller to drive two rear wheel
4.2 set of thumb throttle, one of left side to control front wheel, the other on right side to control right wheel(when turning, loose right side throttle, just twist left side thumb throttle)
5.1 set of brake lever to control three controller, when press lever, all of three controller will cut off power
6.1 set of three button switch used to control reverse, horn, lights



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