A last minute stocking made from some scrap material I had. An extra holiday guest? Extra material? Extra 20 minutes? A Christmas eve quick stocking tutorial. Cheers & have a good holiday.
ps - you can see the full tutorial and others on my blog, www.thescienceofcraft.comwww.thescienceofcraft.com

Step 1: Supplies

Well maybe 10 minutes if you had some holiday espresso, or 30 if you want to fuss with it a bit more and it takes a while to set up your sewing machine. First there’s the materials. I had this great green & teal upholstery material and this white material with a slight pattern in it. (The white material is a little thin so I added an extra later of a thicker felt-like material). I’ve also made a .pdf of a stocking pattern.pdf of a stocking pattern you can use (keep in mind the pattern’s letter sized for print, so your stocking will be on the small side. It scales fine though).
That's what I call "quick thinking" It turned out beautifully!
This is a fun project. I have started making stockings for all of my family using sentimental scraps or clothes. I used running t-shirts with pictures on them, clothings of deceased members and friends, etc. Anything that brings back good memories.
Hello<br /> In what order do I put the cuff, lining , and the out side piece? <br />
Hello<br /> Step 2: Which way is the stocking and lining go? Do you put right side facing up then put lining down? Thank you <br />
Hello<br /> I was looking on your site for the stocking tutorial but I can not find it. What is it under ? Is it still there? www.thescienceofcraft.com Thank you Bethanne<br />
aha cool, looks easy. :D
I think I will go make one of these because we never got anything but the Christmas tree and lights down from the rafters....
I don't think I've seen a more perfectly timed instructable yet. Just today, we realized that we accidentally threw away our stockings (which were in a garbage bag in the garage) Unfortunately, it's 11 o'clock, and there's no way we'll be able to make some. But still - Great instructable!

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