20 Minute (?) Stocking





Introduction: 20 Minute (?) Stocking

A last minute stocking made from some scrap material I had. An extra holiday guest? Extra material? Extra 20 minutes? A Christmas eve quick stocking tutorial. Cheers & have a good holiday.
ps - you can see the full tutorial and others on my blog, www.thescienceofcraft.comwww.thescienceofcraft.com

Step 1: Supplies

Well maybe 10 minutes if you had some holiday espresso, or 30 if you want to fuss with it a bit more and it takes a while to set up your sewing machine. First there’s the materials. I had this great green & teal upholstery material and this white material with a slight pattern in it. (The white material is a little thin so I added an extra later of a thicker felt-like material). I’ve also made a .pdf of a stocking pattern.pdf of a stocking pattern you can use (keep in mind the pattern’s letter sized for print, so your stocking will be on the small side. It scales fine though).

Step 2: Cut Out Your Pieces

Once all the pieces are cut out, make sure they’re all oriented right. This is the only real tricky part. Look ahead to the other steps to check how the sides face if you need to.

Step 3: Sew Ends Together

The first thing I did was sew the ends together.

Step 4: Draw the Sewing Line

Then I traced a line to follow where I would be sewing.

Step 5: Make a Loop for Hanging

Before I sewed the stocking I made a little loop to hang the stocking with. I took a scrap of the white material and folded it over a bunch of times and sewed the open side shut.

Step 6: Stitch in Loop

I stitched this into the white part of the stocking. About an inch and a half from the middle (So it will be at the top of the stocking when the cuff is folded over). It’s key to make sure the very bottom of the loop is just under the path of where you’re going to sew.

Step 7: Sew Together

Sew along the line, but leave a good sized opening at the bottom of the lining to turn it inside out.

Step 8: Trim and Turn Inside Out

trim close to the thread line and turn inside out.

Step 9: Last Step!

put the lining in and flip over the cuff. you're all set. have a happy holiday!
ps - you can see the full tutorial and others on my blog, www.thescienceofcraft.comwww.thescienceofcraft.com



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    That's what I call "quick thinking" It turned out beautifully!

    This is a fun project. I have started making stockings for all of my family using sentimental scraps or clothes. I used running t-shirts with pictures on them, clothings of deceased members and friends, etc. Anything that brings back good memories.

    In what order do I put the cuff, lining , and the out side piece?

    Step 2: Which way is the stocking and lining go? Do you put right side facing up then put lining down? Thank you

    I was looking on your site for the stocking tutorial but I can not find it. What is it under ? Is it still there? www.thescienceofcraft.com Thank you Bethanne

    I think I will go make one of these because we never got anything but the Christmas tree and lights down from the rafters....

    I don't think I've seen a more perfectly timed instructable yet. Just today, we realized that we accidentally threw away our stockings (which were in a garbage bag in the garage) Unfortunately, it's 11 o'clock, and there's no way we'll be able to make some. But still - Great instructable!