Picture of 20-note Street Organ
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Finished pump front view.jpg
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This is a homemade 20 note street organ. It is completely enclosed in 1/4" plexiglass so all the mechnical movements can be observed while it is playing. Music is provided on a paper music roll. Motion is provided with a hand crank on the rear of the organ. The cart is hand made and has storage shelves inside the skirt. A better description is provided in the following youtube:

Starting from scratch it would take about one month to build this organ assuming you still have to work for a living. All the parts are available at common home improvement centers except for the drapery blackout material found in fabric stores. It can be built using power tools found in most woodworking shops.
frikandel1 year ago
So this is basically an advertisement to buy a book? Pretty useless as an instructable!
Fortunately its helped a few, including myself, to have a foundation to start on, to me that makes it a good instructable :)
jgray162 years ago
I bought your ebook and the drawings and have been working on my street organ as time allows. So far the instructions have been very easy to follow and everything is going together nicely. I have made a few little changes to your plans but for the most part have followed them as you have outlined them. When I finish, I'll send pictures or a link to pictures and youtube videos. Thanks for making this easy......Jim

calliopeguy (author)  jgray162 years ago
JIM - Thanks for the support on my book. If you have any questions along the way just let me know and I'll do what I can to help you out
This is amazing. And it is very well tuned.
You probably wouldn't want to publish something like a construction plan here?
I personally would not have the time to build an organ like this now... but when I get retired, this would be a very favourable projects (together with my grandchildren or so.)...
Kind regards,
calliopeguy (author)  chgeiselmann3 years ago
I do have a 250 page book of instructions on how I built this thing. Let me know if you are interested in building this really is not too difficult
i would like to have that 250 page book instructions on how to built this. i'm a living statue performer and i'd like to do a statue of a balerina in a music box. so it had to be constructed in large scale. i can i do that?
calliopeguy (author)  msilva123 years ago
To all that have inquired, I am very near completion of an ebook version of my construction plans for this organ. If you are interested, please email me at:

I would be interested in your plans to build the 20 note organ.


Belfast. Northern Ireland

calliopeguy (author)  Treeweeler2 years ago
Ray - The printed plans for the organ are available on ebay at:

or you can just do a search on ebay for:
"Street Organ Plans" without the quotes

Please let me know if you have any trouble locating the item
one question! can i large the actual size of this model? will it work?
Hi, I would like to get a copy of your book on building the Busker Organ. From watching your videos and seeing that you devoted 250 pages to your plans, I can tell it is worth having. I have purchased both the John Smith and Melvyn Wright plans, but they are both, in my opinion, unreadable. I have 35 years experience as a woodworker, and have never seen such a jumble of napkin scrawling. I would love to build one, and will be happy to pay for your plans. You can contact me through Instructables, or private message.
Hi may i plz have a copy of the 250 page instructions on how I built the Organ . thank you
That's fantastic!
I would love a copy of the instructions.
calliopeguy (author) 2 years ago
I now have a complete set of construction plans available for this organ. The ebook version is available on with the name "20-note Street Organ". The 254 page printed copy is available on ebay under the name "Street Organ plans". I do offer online help to anybody that buys the plans.
SANDBOX12 years ago
Great build!!! What do you plan to build next? I sent you a request for a copy of your ebook.
ksmith93 years ago

I can't believe you haven't gotten more comments from this!
rimar20003 years ago
AWESOME, I LOVE IT. You are a great maker.

But please, add captions to the video, so we non-anglophone can understand that you are saying. Hearing English, I can't understand a phrase!