20 units instrument rack from Ikea's Lack tables

Picture of 20 units instrument rack from Ikea's Lack tables

If you own rack equipment you know how expensive can be to buy a nice rack to stack them up...thats why this idea sparked in my mind...a rack with 20 units of space for my gear, with a nice wood look and for less than 30 bucks!!!

Step 1: What you need...

Picture of What you need...

You will need:
- 2 assembled Ikeas's Lack table...really cheap and you can chose the finish you like best!
- 2 braking and pivoting wheels
- 2 pivoting wheels
- 4 mounting brackets (mine were 2x6 cm, 8 holes)
- a bunch of wood screws about 1 cm long and fitting the holes in your brackets

Step 2: Fix the wheels to the top of first table..

Picture of Fix the wheels to the top of first table..
Fix the wheels by four wood screw for each one to the corner of the table top. Lack table is squared so it doesn't matter what side. Just keep in mind that braking wheels are going to be in the front size of your finished rack.

Step 3: Stack up the Lacks and make your Rack

Picture of Stack up the Lacks and make your Rack

Turn your newly wheeled Lack and stack the second one over it feet to feet to build the basic structure of your rack. At the bottom of it you can see the bracket that will old them firmly together.

Step 4: Fix them together

Picture of Fix them together
Fix the feet of your tables together by brackets and wood screws paying attention to obtain the best alignment possible. The task is quite easily completed by lying your rack on its side.

Step 5: Stack up your rigs!

Picture of Stack up your rigs!
You have it! Start stacking your computers, networks stuff, measure instrument, HAM radio rig, or like in my case, home studio stuffs...
Now you have your 20 units rack built in less than 1 hour and for less than 30 bucks!
Mine is just finished so it's a little bare bone...
Add all bells and whistles you like!
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So where can one aquire these predrilled rails for the front?
ebay :) or you can get steel bars of that thickness and use a tap to make the screw holes :P
kbhasi2 years ago
FYI, those wheel things are called castors
riddly3 years ago
and if you drew an 'X' corner to corner on the bottom of the legs, and used a centrepoint drill, you could accurately dowel them together instead of using the ugly plates...Ikea bodging is a great idea.....cheaper than lumber.
kayohh3 years ago
if you added some black pegboard to the side. it would look so pro.
kentwidman4 years ago
 Good idea, but if I can't mount my rack equipment, I'm worried that they would slip out and fall when I move the rackunit. It would be nice to see rack-mounts.
I don't see myself ever needing an instrument rack, but I had to post a comment anyway:

Great Instructable!

It's a very simple, but clever re-purposing of everyday items into something new and useful. And the finished product looks quite nice. I'm sure there are others out there that will be able to make good use of this. Thanks for sharing.
drnutella (author)  inventorjack4 years ago
Thank you!
I found that the less expensive ready made 20U rack costs about 100$ and I found it a little bit too expensive...
I had my sampler sitting on my table and then I was astonished by its measures...
then the idea stroke!
It's so funny that I wanted to share it! 
shax4 years ago
very cool.

i'm going to buy some (~US$30) pre-drilled, pre-tapped rack rails and attach them to the front of the table legs.

drnutella (author)  shax4 years ago

This is genius!
I didn't find them in switzerland...
is there any mail order shop to your knowledge?
I've an idea for a cheap gear retention system but the rail would give it a professional touch!

Thank you for the idea!
That's why i love this site!

lemonie4 years ago
That's good, and you could do the same with LAN hardware I guess.

drnutella (author)  lemonie4 years ago

Why not? Everything in a rack standard housing will fit!
And there is more...
It's weird but one Lack table contain exactly 10 units!
I'm wondering if Ikea's guy who designed the table was aware of this particular characteristic of his/her design!

Thank you for the comment!