Let's skip all the mumble-jumbo and jump right to the work. Lets go!

WARNING: If your truck is under warranty do NOT do this, as it will VOID your warranty.

you will need a good day or two to do this job. as it can be a hassle.

You'll need to begin by opening the doors up. There are 2 screws holding each door panel on. (9/32 socket will remove them)

The first screw is located under the "control panel" (the part with your window controls/lock controls), you remove this part by lifting the smallest end straight up. once the clip releases, pull up and out to remove the other side.

The red reflector can be removed with a flat head screw driver.

Step 1: Once You Have Gotten the Screws Out

Next you want to remove the black column above the door panel. This will pull straight out

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