Picture of 2000V home made/DIY stun gun
in this ibles u will learn how to make a some thing like a plastic baton+stun gun.


Step 1: Get the stuff

Picture of get the stuff
all u need is:
bug zapper thing
2 pin plug
vice grips
heatshrink tubing
keeping/twisting thing(see pic)
some knowledge about electronics and common sense

all the stuff i use is legal....especially the bug zapper, which is rarely illegal in any country....even in my country.....where guns,swords,combat knives,explosives,pepper spray,stun guns,hand cuffs,thumb cuffs,leg cuffs,high powered lasers,airsoft guns lighter shaped like guns/pistols,real guns,live rounds,contraband cigarettes,drugs are ILLEGAL in my country....i live in the safest place ever.....on a mountain....lol ....i actually live in SINGAPORE.....oh ya btw....my country just turned 44 yesterday :)

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ChrisW756 days ago
Where do i get an electronic bug swatter ???? I live in usa
STEDMARS1 year ago

hey need help finding the negative power input for the 12V battery

STEDMARS1 year ago

hey i found this stun gun and i can;t find the negative input for the battery

j-vega2 years ago
jx882 years ago
hi, im from sg as well. hi five.
I have a question...
Can i have more voltage at the output?
How can i do that?
Its just because i want a bigger spark
And i saw on internet taser with 7.6 MILLION VOLTS!!
Its that possible?!!
Tank you!
tesla man3 years ago
So, does this make a constant spark, or only when you touch it to objects? Also what is the length of the spark?
555mst555 (author)  tesla man3 years ago
it makes a 'constant' spark. it will take a few mili second or so to 'charge up' when u press down on the button continuousy, very much like stun gun. When in contact with an object, no spark will be seen, as there will be contact between both terminals. The spark length is only around 1cm.
gonzowizard3 years ago
I built one of these things, but it has a couple of annoying limitations. Is there any way to make it give off a continuous arc or go through clothing? Otherwise, these ibles should be titled "dangerous shocking toys" instead of stun guns.
plzz just help me
when u add the 2 wires one black and one red
u connect one of each wire to the front of the mobile charger
then what do u do with the other 2 wires??
555mst555 (author)  munaib rumjaun3 years ago
red wire from bug killer goes to one wire of the moblie charger.

the black wires goes to the other wire of the mobile charger.

it will be an open circuit. only when u make the 2 point of the mobile charger get in contact with somethign or someone, then i'll discharge, or incapacitate them
How come I didn't see this?!?!?! Mine only produces 500 or so volts. Still, it's circuit is incredibly simple. It uses a few diodes, one transistor, one mylar capacitor, and some resistors. Meanwhile, yours is a monster! Word of advice: check the miliamperage, anything beyond 0.06 miliamps can kill. Of course, it depends on where you electrocute yourself. Fingers are safe (duh). If you want to lower the amperage, just solder on some more resistors. It's gonna heat up though. Oh, right, connect a bridge rectifier circuit to it. It will turn it into AC voltage. Because, you see, DC contracts your muscles causing you to "suck", while AC does the usual electrocution you see on TV which pushes you away. It's kinda like force pull and force push if you ask me :P
a bridge rectifier alone is NOT going to convert DC into AC, for that, you need to build something that switches polarity from + to- and - to + very quickly, like 60 times every second, that's how you get AC. The purpose of the bridge rectifier that you mentioned is to convert AC current into DC by ignoring ONE polarity and not ignoring another one, effectively getting rid of the "Alternating" properties of AC and getting a "Direct" property of Direct Current (DC). For example, if you solder a bridge rectifier (the section marked ~ and ~) to a line connected to your AC 120 volts outlet, on the Bridge Rectifier output (the one marked + and -) you will get 120 volts DC (Direct Current) for which you can use to power a high voltage DC motor or any other DC equipment that requires 120volts DC, you cannot use a bridge rectifier to do the opposite which is what you suggested (converting DC into AC), if you want to achieve a DC into AC conversion, you can build a commutator ( a device that rapidly reverses DC polarity by use of a spinning shaft connected to a DC motor with the appropriate differentials linked through two spooler (one bigger where the commutator rotates and the other smaller where the DC motor spins the load) you will need to calibrate the commutator to 60hz (60 cycles per second) to operate most 60hz AC electronics)
Wow man, 9-month old comment. You probably should realize that if comments were posted 3 months beforehand, the person(s) would have probably figured it out by then.
555mst555 (author)  nutsandbolts_643 years ago
so true. i would'nt be bothered to post by then.
I did a bit of digging, my bad, bridge rectifiers turn AC to DC, not the other way around. Although I soldered mine the wrong way and accidentally turned it into a 2x voltage multiplier! I'm not really all that sure why it's like that, but here's my failed bridge rectifier that actually doubles the voltage! Can anyone explain this to me? It has no logic to it in my mind; it's so weird!
voltage multiplier.PNG
XOIIO4 years ago
Yeah totally not 2000 volts, on 3 volts this thing puts out 300 volts, and it looks an awful lot like mine, plus you straight out say that this is all your idea, i call copycat
jdash4 years ago
what exactly do you mean 'short out the circuit' ?
555mst555 (author)  jdash4 years ago
make sure there's no more electricity in there so that it's safe to handle. trust me, this step is trial and error. you WILL accidentally shock yourself.
cross the leads of the capacitator - the large cylinder with as few numbers ending in uf. place an insulated screwdriver across the leads and if any voltage remains you'll see sparks and pop. be careful wear gloves.
fub19854 years ago
in theory if you were to double the battery input would that tecnically double the output? say for instance if 2x 1.5volt AA batterys produce say 2000v would that mean that 4x 1.5volt AA batterys will produce 4000v?????
No, it goes through a capacitor to build up the higher charge. The output is limited by the capacitors limits. Doubling the battery input may get it to charge faster (and discharge faster) but the current will not be higher. That might be achievable with a second capacitor, but it seems unnecessary.
I actually did something very similar to this Instructable. instead of a two prong plug I ground down some nails and built my own contacts (and did not have to heat the plastic. I don't get the sparks on mine because the prongs on mine are further apart. However, it hurts like hell and would definitely make someone wary of risking getting zapped a second time. The biggest drawback to this design that I see is that someone who knows what they are doing could easily take it away. I think that problem would be solved by moving the button switch closer to the front end.
555mst555 (author)  JohnMichael4 years ago
true. i kinda regretted bending the 2 pin plug, coz when i...(stun myself) it's more of pain, rather than muscle in capacitaion. i'm guessing this is coz the prongs are too close, probbably, cooking some meat?haha

and about the drawback, u think pasting aluminium tape at the sides would work? 2 strips of alum. tape, down about half the lenght of the stun gun. 1 strip to +ive and the other to -ve
555mst555 (author)  fub19854 years ago
hmm...i'm not sure bout that, but i have switched the original battery (3v) with a cordless phone (3.6v) battery. and it seemed abit stronger,BUT the battery went dead very fast.I guess just swapping the batteries wont make much difference unless u change some stuff on the circuit board.
increasing the input would in no way increase the output...the 2Kv capacitor will only charge rather faster...m from India and we too have the same zappers here...
hazblitz5 years ago
They are illegal in Australia!!! Customs are very strict on these fly zappers... now I think I know why ;-)
hmmm that's interesting i got one from a local $2 store but it was $6. you should give that a try if you are still looking for one
555mst555 (author)  hazblitz5 years ago
lol...weird....i've never heard that they were illegal before 0.o
instead of a 2pin plug, i used to screws wired, it works good but i cant get it to arc, it only makes a tiny spark when it comes in contact with the object that im tasing, please please please respond, i dont know what to do
yonex4 years ago
imade my self a taser similar to yours mine too is 2000v

2000v for two AA batteries 800mah
if the mah of the battery go up does the voltage will go up to???
555mst555 (author)  yonex4 years ago
hmm. i'n not sure bout that. The only way is to test it on yourself.lol :D
MoshBoshKid5 years ago
ive made it all but i dont seem to be able to get the arcing. i know im using a differnt swatter to you so that might be the problem :(
555mst555 (author)  MoshBoshKid5 years ago
hmm...try bending the 2 prongs closer together.but not too close, or it will arc too much, which is not cool and not good for the bug zapper.
OXI2vasyl5 years ago
lol it has very low amperage, once took a shock to those in the market, I jump with fright because of the noise, but not feel anything (I was already thinking that I had no hand) rofl
jggammer5 years ago
not 2000 barely 200 it even says on the wraper of the fly swater 200 do not disesemble!
555mst555 (author)  jggammer5 years ago
oh....maybe u used a different brand
can this thing can kill a catfish??? ASAP pls..
555mst555 (author)  deathnote_2135 years ago
erm...i guess..coz if it hurts  human  i'tll definitely hurt an animal more.....but wth do u wanna kill a catfish?...lol
cause we have a restaurant and we serve foods like catfish and catfish taste good went you kill it the day he will be cook but when my father kill it its very inhuman my father use baseball bat to kill the fish and it really  looks bad.. i made one but i never tried it can u try??  hehe....
555mst555 (author)  deathnote_2135 years ago
0.o....i thought cat fish has some poison or something?
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