This process should take less than a hour to do. You'll need: Jack, jack stand, Tire iron, Long flat head screwdriver or pry-bar,  Wheel puller (optional), Hammer, Rubber mallet, 1/2 and 3/8 ratchet 14mm, 15mm & 30mm socket. 3/8 extension, 15mm wrench, rag & rubber gloves (optional)

Step 1: Tire Removal

After buying CV Axle inspect the boots for imperfections and make sure it matches the old one.

Jack up car. Place jack stand under frame for safety. Remove hub cap if you have one and then the lug bolts with your tire iron.
<p>I have a 2004 Saturn is e axle nut the same as the 06 ion in your pics</p>
<p>This has been very helpful to me, I had no problems repairing my vehicle using these directions.</p>
<p>Are you using DriveTech replacement axle?</p>

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