Maintaining a motorcycle can be a very expensive thing to do most shops charge at least 70 dollars an hour to do most labor. Therefore, today I will be demonstrating how to change the spark plugs on a 2008 Kawasaki zx6r P8F to try and save you some money! Most newer Japanese sport bikes share a very similar method of doing this process; however, consult your manufacturer-supplied user manual before attempting this as some steps may be different.

Step 1: Tools Required

Most Japanese motorcycles share similar bolts; however, the sizes may vary. For this particular motorcycle, you will need the following tools:

5mm T-handle Allen wrench
4mm T-handle Allen wrench
.5mm 8" extension in either 3/4 drive or 1/2 inch.
3/4" drive ratchet
1 - 4" extension 3/4 drive
1 - 6" extension 3/4 drive
5/8" spark plug socket
1 - 10mm socket (not pictured)
1 Flat head screw driver (small)
1 Phillips head screw driver (medium size)
1 Large pair of vice grips or pliers
1 Pair of long tip needle nose pliers or forceps
1 Medium length bungee strap(optional)

4 NKG CR9E or comparable spark plugs gaped between .27" - .35" or as your manual specifies.

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