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The 2009 model HPV my team is working on for the ASME HPVC.... We went out for a ride and here's some photos... We had a few crashes, but the vehicle took 'em like a champ... (only minor human damage :p)

Yes, I know the vehicle doesn't look pretty :p It's getting there - needs a wee bit of paint and such.

No, your knees do not hit the gears... The nut hanging next to it is another story - but that's being fixed as this is being written.

Wheel Size: 20" - 2 of them
Drive train: FWD - intermediate jack shaft (gear multiplier) - 9speed
Structure: Monocoque (unibody - fiberglass) with removable Sub Frame (cro-mo)
Seat: Composite Hard shell, adjustable
Roll bar: Sandwich composite - integral in structure
How Fast? We'll say when it's official

Okay, so now you know it's made of fiberglass... and not carbon fiber.... You don't need to make this sort of thing with carbon.... This shows that. We just don't have the budge for this much carbon :p

We'll have more pictures after the event :)


nathanaloysiusbash (author)2017-12-07

For a long time I have wondered if there could be something better than foot pedals for bike propulsion. Consider different types of weight lifting that people do in a gym. A bike powered by a 'squat'/'dealift' type motion or some other motion to maximize Human to vehicle power transfer, instead of traditional footpedals would be so much more powerful and also beneficial exercise-wise to the body as a whole. You could ramp up the gearing so much higher than a traditional bike. Check this bike out: And that with traditional foot propulsion. Combining higher gear, different propulsion, and a shell like the one you built would make for one heck of an HPV. Perhaps even a human powered airplane. Some day I will get back to that dream. Bicycle airplane. I feel like I was born to build it, but I need help. It's so nice in the sky. Not a lot of traffic. Nice build BTW.

Adam12hicks (author)2012-02-12

I like it! Have you ever considered painting it flesh and wearing either an Ace or Gary costume?

TheMaker888 (author)2011-05-15

Creative idea, but its been done be for :P
i like how you used fiberglass for the shell..

yeah but ( Hutch ) made an 'HPV' back in the early/mid 80s
it was outlawed because it was marketed with the promise of getting atleast 40mph which was too unsafe for the common rider, and which only a few hundred models were issued to sponsored bmx racers, a few more were made with a tuned down gear 'smaller sprocket' for the common people..
i find it interesting, hope someone else does..

rrosenberg (author)TheMaker8882011-12-01

Cool Hutch...

miketavius (author)2010-03-13

Cool Instructable! Nice to see UCF represented on here. Go knights!!!

tfultsucfme (author)2009-11-05

This is awesome! Go Knights! I've actually seen quite a few of your instructables before but I had no clue that you were a ME from UCF.

I am a member of ASME, and an ME major, at UCF and we have just started work on a student design competition new to UCF, Solar Splash. Solar Splash is basically a solar powered boat race.

We are actually thinking of working with the HPV team to get some advice on aerodynamics and our gear box (which I heard required quite a bit of tweaking). Omeil is currently overseeing our group as an officer and he had mentioned quite a bit about the HPV. 

Good Luck,
T. Fults

tfultsucfme (author)tfultsucfme2009-11-05

I finally opened an instructables account after seeing this. I'd say it's a good enough reason.

Do you have any advice regarding student design competitions?

-T. Fults

temp (author)2009-08-04

How do you get up to speed in it? FRom the pictures it apears there are only 2 wheels. Or are there more? I'm sorta confused how you get in it when you want to go. Is it open in the bottom so you can push yourself off and gey balanced. It looks amazing though.

Fizzxwizz (author)2009-07-04

reminds me of the mach 5!

cajcole (author)2009-05-29

nice looking bike, nice to see the monocoque design more. from UNR HPV team member

BeanGolem (author)2009-04-12

Woo! As a 5-year member of Cal Poly's HPV team, it's great to see new bikes! Good Luck!

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