200V PMDC Motor/Generator Load Test Without Using Power Supply:


Introduction: 200V PMDC Motor/Generator Load Test Without Using Power Supply:

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1)PMDC (Permanent Magnet Direct Current) motor of rating upto 1KW.

2)A simple multi-meter which is available in the Indian market for 100Rs.

3)A load (bulb, buzzer,another dc motor, etc).I used a 100W bulb.

4)A plastic packing thread or anything equivalent.

The technique is that when u roll the thread on the shaft of the pmdc generator ,all u gotta do is to pull the thread like a top to give it a high speed rotation for a short period.

I first connected a multi-meter to the generator to measure its value and for that u don't need any rope /thread as can be seen in the video but when u have to light up a bulb then , a greater amount of torque is required which can be achieved by a plastic packing thread.

Everything is explained in the video.Please don't forget to watch it. :)

Feel free to ask for any advice if u have in mind.



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    For wind POWER you need to measure more about power. Power in the metric system = V * I where I is the standard symbol for current ( sorry C is capacitance ). All this assumes steady state constant values. Your are only part way there, a common mistake.

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    I would like to say that this tech doesn't gives the exact ratings but an idea to make out whether the generator is a high current type or a high voltage type.For deep analysis,one will surely need power supply.

    For DC power measurement only voltage and current is needed.If there is anything else that can effect power,it is inductance , commutation loss and winding resistance but these terminologies just complicate things.They don't matter much so i neglect them :)

    Nice consept I like it. What projects can you make with stepper motors they have a nice small current output. ☺

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    stepper motors have high voltage and low current ratings and the output current is always AC.Small low rpm stepper generators can be good for small projects :)

    For dc ,one has to bridge rectify the stepper output.