2013 Halloween Mutant Plant




Introduction: 2013 Halloween Mutant Plant

I created this desktop plant in about an hour. I used two different sized Styrofoam balls (2 for the mouths, 1 for the eye), paint, store bought vampire teeth, a store bought plastic cauldron, fake foliage and lots of hot glue. I cut the mouth balls in half then cut an angle piece out of one of the halves. Glued them back together and painted the inside with red paint. I then glued the teeth in place (after waiting for the paint to set up a bit), next I painted the outside with green pain. Then I attached it to a bamboo skewer and glued the leaves around the head. I painted the eye and glued the leaves and skewer in place. Finally I used a scrap of Styrofoam block inside the cauldron to hold everything in place. I artfully arranged the fake foliage so that the bottom couldn't be seen.



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