As a beginer, I chose to use Tinkercad to create this very basic ornament for all to enjoy!

Step 1: Tinkercad

Start with any of the basic shape. I chose the hexagonal prism.

Step 2: Heart

Add your heart to the middle and make it a "hole" so that way you can put a picture in its place at the end of your print.

Step 3: Text

Add text. Whether you want to add a name or numbers is up to you.

Step 4: String and Hang

Add a small "hole" to the top of the prism in order to be able to put a string through and hang your ornament.

Step 5: Tradition

Make it a tradition to update and change it every year!

Is there places that print these out like a paper printer store? Lol or do you have to buy a printer yourself
<p>Very nice little ornament. Good luck in the challenge!</p>

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