2015 Halloween Yard Display





Introduction: 2015 Halloween Yard Display

Our Halloween yard display's theme this year is witches. While the ladies are bought, my husband made the gnome like witch huts in the background and designed all the lighting.



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    It is an AMAZING prop company called Unit 70 (unit70.com) - ALL of their stuff is otherworldly in detail!

    Very cool...Thank you...your haunt looks amazing btw.

    Oh gosh, thank you! We are already working on this year's theme - a full blown cemetery! Stay tuned for pictures!

    This looks pretty cool!

    Do you have any additional photos that show the processes involved to put this all together? Any more info you could share would be fantastic! :)

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    I am so sorry - I probably shouldn't even be on here. This was my husband's display and I was so proud, I wanted to enter it in the contest. I didn't realize (not even from the website's name, duh) that it is an instructional, step by step based site. Whoops! I have a couple more pictures I can post, but really nothing in the way of the building/creation of. I know he built a wood skeleton for the base of the huts, then covered it in chicken wire and foamed it in before painting it. They are of course hollow within, so he added a facade doorway. Same for the top - a wood skeleton top base, then a cone of chicken wire that he bent, then the addition of the thatching before finally attaching it to the base. Sorry I am not more clear - I am much more an assistant than a builder! :) I apologize for being out of my element here!


    Pish-posh!! :)

    You're definitely in the right place! We're thrilled to see this awesome creativity on display. At the most basic level, an "instructable" can be just a couple photos and some description of what you've made and how you did it. That's enough to be published and enter contests.

    To get some real traction though, it really helps to include some steps and in-process photos.

    (My very first instructable many years ago was just a couple of photos and a description. I got some friendly advice from other people on the site, and since then I started snapping photos along the way as I made stuff, and then writing up more detailed instructables. It's a learning process, but it's fun!)

    This is a great community, and we're glad you're here! : D