Our Halloween yard display's theme this year is witches. While the ladies are bought, my husband made the gnome like witch huts in the background and designed all the lighting.

<p>where did you buy your witches? They look very realistic </p>
<p>It is an AMAZING prop company called Unit 70 (unit70.com) - ALL of their stuff is otherworldly in detail!</p>
<p>Very cool...Thank you...your haunt looks amazing btw. </p>
<p>Oh gosh, thank you! We are already working on this year's theme - a full blown cemetery! Stay tuned for pictures!</p>
<p>This looks pretty cool!</p><p>Do you have any additional photos that show the processes involved to put this all together? Any more info you could share would be fantastic! :)</p>
<p>I am so sorry - I probably shouldn't even be on here. This was my husband's display and I was so proud, I wanted to enter it in the contest. I didn't realize (not even from the website's name, duh) that it is an instructional, step by step based site. Whoops! I have a couple more pictures I can post, but really nothing in the way of the building/creation of. I know he built a wood skeleton for the base of the huts, then covered it in chicken wire and foamed it in before painting it. They are of course hollow within, so he added a facade doorway. Same for the top - a wood skeleton top base, then a cone of chicken wire that he bent, then the addition of the thatching before finally attaching it to the base. Sorry I am not more clear - I am much more an assistant than a builder! :) I apologize for being out of my element here!</p>
<p>Pish-posh!! :)</p><p>You're definitely in the right place! We're thrilled to see this awesome creativity on display. At the most basic level, an "instructable" can be just a couple photos and some description of what you've made and how you did it. That's enough to be published and enter contests.</p><p>To get some real traction though, it really helps to include some steps and in-process photos. </p><p>(My very first instructable many years ago was just a couple of photos and a description. I got some friendly advice from other people on the site, and since then I started snapping photos along the way as I made stuff, and then writing up more detailed instructables. It's a learning process, but it's fun!)</p><p>This is a great community, and we're glad you're here! : D </p>

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