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My 4yr old daughter is wearing a

Jellyfish costume created by me! This is completely homemade.

Florida is still hot outside at Halloween season. I considered what is good for her.

I had seen the neighbor wore the jellyfish “hat” last year. So I tried a jellyfish dress like a Chinese lantern. This dress has LED light and twinkle in the dark. She is wearing tank top for top of dress. It’s fit for Florida’s hot weather.

The hat has also has LED light, and glows multi-color.



* A salad bowl, a shower puff, a color changing battery operated LED light (Doller Tree),

* Pink fabric, pink and white wired ribbon, white, bead strand (Hobby Lobby)

* Bubble wrap.

* Hot glue gun & glue

I wrapped a salad bowl by bubble wrap and pink fabric, put inside a unbound shower puff. Then I glued white wired ribbon, white, bead strand around the edge of hat.



* Battery operated twinkle LED lights, pink fabric, pink / white wired ribbon, white bead strand (Hobby Lobby)

* Plastic pipe (Home depot).

* Hot glue gun & glue

I sewed fabric and formed by plastic tube for an oval sphere, then decollated by ribbon.

My daughter is pink lover. She really enjoyed wearing this PINK jellyfish costume with her stuff animal seahorse.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-30

Nice costume. I really like how the LEDs light it up.


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