Step 11: Eat lunch and breakfast for dinner.

There are two ways to switch up your lunch and dinner meals:
  1. When eating out at a restaurant for dinner, ask to see and order from the lunch menu, request the lunch portion of the entree you select, or eat half of the dinner portion and box up the other half for tomorrow's lunch. On average, you will save about 20 percent; plus you'll have a lighter meal and avoid overeating.
  2. Instead of cooking the typical meat and potatoes for dinner, try having "breakfast" for the evening meal instead. Bacon, eggs, and pancakes can be a delicious, time saving twist to the end of a long day.

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<p>or just DIY everything.</p><p>TAADAA! ;)</p>
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Ravenmaxs, you are right about online coupons. They are simple to print right from your computer to scan at the stores' registers.
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Using an efficient dishwasher is cheaper than hand washing. <br> <br>http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=dishwash.pr_handwash_dishwash <br> <br>I love the list though, especially the exercise on your own. I've never understood gym memberships. Then again I live in Alaska, my &quot;neighborhood exploration&quot; usually takes place in the woods. <br> <br>25) fancy multi blade shave systems are a waste of money, learn to wet shave for a better, much cheaper shave.
AKDoug, thank you for your comment. Whoo--Alaska!! Yep, I imagine there's plenty of nature to explore. I'll research some energy efficiency options as you suggested, and will consider adding in the near future.
Very good instructable. I suggest some adds: <br> <br>23) Don't throw to the waste that device, fix or upgrade it. <br>24) Don't be a slave of fashion. <br>
Good suggestions, rimar2000. I'll do some research and consider the additions. Thanks for commenting.

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