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This is a tutorial about “How to make a 220V portable power inverter” This inverter is capable to power CFLs,tube lights,dc fan ext. it can handle up to 150W.even you can charge your laptop and mobile

Note: this is a 220v, 50Hz square wave inverter

Step 1: The Inverter

First things first. you need an inverter. I am using an IC based inverter just because of its price to performance ratio

Fig shows the circuit diagram of the CD 4047 based inverter. It’s a square wave inverter capable to handle up to 180W.to get maximum efficiency I am using IRFZ44 power MOSFET

These are the components you need for the inverter

1 - IC CD4047

2 - 18 Pin DIP IC Socket Base Connector

3 - 1K, 18K, & 100Ω- (1W x 2) Resistors

4 - 0.22µF Capacitor ( any type)

5 - 12V rechargeable battery

6 - PCB board

7 - IRFZ44 MOSFET x 2(use suitable heat sinks)

8 - 3 PIN PCB Mount Screw Terminal Block Connectors

9 - 12-0-12, 10A center tapped transformer

10 - wires

The total costs of these components are less than $20 (1500 Indian rupees)

Fig shows the finished circuit. Designing of the circuits is deepening on your ability. I am not an “electronics man” so I am using an ordinary PCB board

Step 2: The Box


we want to make a box .I am using an old ups box as cover and some plywood to make the base

You can use any type of box or container for your inverter

My box has two parts. One is a plywood base to mound everything and second is a metal cover to protect the components

Step 3: Fitting and Wiring

Now we want to connect the whole parts together

Fig show the whole circuit

Now we can put everything inside the box

I am using 6A three pin sockets as outlet with a 6A switch

Finally I added stereo jack connector as charging port

Step 4: Charging

I am using a 15v 2A homemade charger to charge the battery

This is the circuit of my charger

The best part is you can also charge the battery with solar panels

Step 5: The Moment of Truth

Now this is the finished portable power inverter

You can carry it anywhere you want .total weight of the inverter is around 3Kg



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5 Questions

Just one simple 4047 ic and 2 mosfet

All looks good but what if i have any doubt
Will i be able to contact u

Look this is the simplest inverter that you can build with just a few components which is easly available in electronics shop.
prototyping is much cheaper than the pcb version for this project. If you any doubt building this just ask here.
Best of luck

ease Sir cab i get the complete circuit for the project. Am just a beginner I want have it

what do you mean by -"ye kitne der tak chalega". look this is simple square wave inverter with effecincy may be (75-80%) . you do not expect much (full power output) from this inverter. even the pure sine wave inverter has max 90- 95% efficiency.

"dekh bhai ye depend karta hai tumare battery ke Ah ratting pe aur tumhare transformer rating pe. jaise ki 12v 7.2Ah battery ki max power hogi VxI (voltage multiply with current) 12x7.2=~85W (max voltage is 14.2 but normally 13.3-13.7)sirf 1ghante ke liye aur transformer 12-0-12 10amp then 12x10=120w aur efficiency (ya power factor ko .80 lene par) 12x10x.8=96w (due to square wave) --(?AM I RIGHT)

agar tum 9w ka led bulb use karte ho to max=85%9=9.44 -9ghante 44minute (theoretically only) but practically it will no longer last than 5-6 hour and battery get drained quickly. this formull will simply apply for any load (resistive load)


i am using my diy charger


no it's a square wave inverter,so there is grinding noise from the motor

to run a ac fan smoothly you need a sine wave inverter

You need to diminish the third harmonic with a series inductor.

ie the third harmonic wants to run the motor in reverse at three times the speed on 1/3 the power !

how to increase the load capacity to 250w

with any changes in this circuit

2 replies

use 20 amp transformer (12-0-12)

and use more transistors in parallel, i mean MOSFET

also use large battery

Simple reasoning all power components need to be increased :-)

Too bad there is no intellect upgrade by increased blood flow ??

sir, you have used a 25A full wave rectifier bridge and 1000 microfarad capacitor to make a 15V 2A battery charger. If i want to make a 15V 500mA charger then what'll be the value of full wave rectifier bridge and capacitor??

2 replies

look the bridge rectifier is so selected that double current rating of your transformer

for yor need 1n4007 max current 1amp will work

you can make a full bridge rectifier with 4 1n4007 diodes or bye a new one or salvage from old PCB's

you can use any capacitor but if you use higher value (capacitance in uF) capacitor you will get smooth DC output


Nice project i like it very much

Poster of this project has very good knowledge about the electronics

But I would like to suggest 1 thing

1. Making inverter takes about 150 -200Rs

2 .Transformer is costly in india 12 - 0 - 12 5 Amp about 700 to 800 rs

3.battery 900 1000 rs

4 over all project cost more than 2500/-

simply removing above 1 and 2 buy 200watt car inverter 700/-Rs

and put instead of 1& 2

output increased by wattage and only have to connect the 3 part

1.Charger for battery

2.200 watt inverter with battery (inverter has switch and socket)



5 replies

now i am working on a portable car inverter with sg3525 ic

i think the total cost of that project is less than 200 RS

well it will be chopper based smps inverter (ferrite core) for cost effective otherwise bulky iron core are bitt expensive

hello sir.. can you help me wit a working inverter circuit and the charger.. chiboy828@gmail.com

yes but what do you want from me?please specify your needs

Hi Niraj,


Even i was planning to buy Car DC to AC inverter worth of Rs800 and connect input with 12 normal battery and connect the output to LED bulbs.., so can i able to do this in india., will i able to get power in my house for how many hours.

Please I need more knowledge on how to build inverter if you can help me I will be very grateful, thanks.

depends on the capacity of the battery . a 7.5 Ah battery can powerup a 50w load for 2 to 3 hr

Hey, i actually want to made one but before that i have a question.
Could it work with a 12v 3,5ah battery???