Introduction: 230V~ Led Flasher

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A interesting montage is a led flasher.. if it put on lamp switch is more interesting, but this is not for beginner because this montage is powered at main supply, in my case 230V/50Hz but works also at 240V/60Hz and with minimum change at 110V/50 or 60Hz.

Step 1: Base Schematic

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Original schematic if from an old ELEKTOR magazine...

Schematic has few pieces:

- 1N4007 diode (any rectifiers diode 1A and minumim 400V)

- electrolitic capacitor with value from 10uF to 22uF at minimum 50V

- 470k to 750k resistor for 230..240V (half value at 110..120V)

- 1k (one or two) resistor

- diac 30..33V (DC32, DB3 or equivalents)

- led (any colour)

Step 2: Using

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You can use this schematic in 2 version with a classical lamp (incandescent bulb)... led flash when lamp is on or when is off... but you can use as indicator for main power supply... see the movie from youtube !!!





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