2/4 Entertainment Center


Introduction: 2/4 Entertainment Center

I call this the 2/4 Entertainment Center because it was made from 2 table tops and 4 chairs.  The chairs and tables were being thrown away by a Japanese restaurant.  I picked up six chairs and two table tops.  The table tops were of two different sizes.  One square 26"x26", the other rectangle 34"x46".

I removed the front legs from the chairs and used the backs of two chairs as the sides of the console table.  Cutting the rectangle table top lengthwise, I used one half for the top, the other for the lower shelf, and attached to the backs of the two chairs. 

I cut the backs of the two remaining chairs, using the designed portion, and made sliding doors for the front of the console.  The solid portion of the front was made from the remaining square table top.

For a back support of the console, I used a miscellaneous piece of 1"x6"x46" piece of pine.  I gave the piece a light sanding, and used canned spray paint to finish the piece.  The total cost of the piece was less than $10.00 (for spray paint).



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