This instructable shows u how u can easily build a globe that spins 1 cycle through 24 hours.

Needed are:

A. mini globe
B. 24 hour clockwork
C.Rubber washer
D. Industry glue

Step 1: Material overview

Here are all the components.
The rubber washer and the part on the left of the washer came with the 24 hour clockwork.
Chris_e6.<br>That would be realy funny!
Very cool! I need to make one of these for my dad, he would love it.
An awesome addition(in my opinion) would be to add a wire marker that wraps from bottom to top center to show where it is currently 5pm(beer time!) in the world!
Cheap, easy, and awesome! Excellent work!
<p>Thank u chris_e6!</p>

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