I'm going to show you how to mod a Nerf Nitefinder

Step 1: Materials:

1 Drill
1 Drill bit
1 screw driver
1 Nerf Nitefinder
1 24 Pound Spring (Home Depot)

Step 2: Step 1

First just unscrew everything and take the top off
Then unscrew the cylinder

Step 3: Step 2

Take out the piston and set it asside

Step 4: Step 3

Now use your drill and drill out the air restrictors

Step 5: Step 4

Now pick the piston back up and screw off the front
Then put the new spring on and put the piston back together

Step 6: Step 5

Finally put it all back together
only use streamline darts
This has little kickback because the spring moves forward when you shoot, and it can shoot about 30 feet in the blink of an eye. Don't use old nitefinders because they internals may be cheaply made
Mines old but built like a rock its been left outside for about a year and its just a bit faded in places
how much kickback does this have and how far do the bullets fly?

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