25 Caliber K'nex Assault Rifle/ AR25





Introduction: 25 Caliber K'nex Assault Rifle/ AR25

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25 Caliber K'nex Assault Rifle aka AR25


My first k'nex gun so criticize all you want =D
Only person that knew I was working on this was DSman195276

50-60 feet average with one long rubber band this thick (the underscore)_
12 red rod round mag
true trigger
Modded orange connecter with a tab missing
4 Modded grey connecters or 2 orange connecters cut in half
Dsman195276's Modded DD27 Barrel- Link
T3Hprogrammer's YAKG Trigger- link

Step 1: Hopper Entry Barrel

Pretty Straight Forward look at notes

Step 2: The Modded Frictionless Barrel

Look at notes and you should be fine.

Step 3: Add's Accuracy and Good Looks

Look at notes.

Step 4: Handle

Really comfty and self explanatory

Step 5: The Strenght and Looks Extension+foregrip

Really Really Recommended

Step 6: La Hopper

12 Green/red rods for ammo

Step 7: Not Many Pictures of Trigger

More on YAKG on this link

Step 8: Almost Forgot, Ramrod

If you can't build this and got this far... ouch

Step 9: Connect It All

The numbers are the steps



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    good thing your not liable for a gun that WONT SHOOT

    Are the little horizontal connectors nessasary

    Different materials are used in different rods. Black rods are a bit heavier and stiffer than normal gray rods, same goes for tan rods and red rods.

    i like doughnuts and what are those black things u put in the middle of step 1?

    1 reply

     Hey doctor who!  I like this gun i five stared it and subscribed! Will you check out my stuff? Thankyou!

    they have some carbon fiber in it while the orange ones and gray ones are pure plastic

    Are the black rods really made of carbon fiber?
    I've always wondered why they were stronger.

    What about the orange ones?

    Hmmm... It is just a AST Rifle ripoff, really. The only things that are different is: -Worser handle -Worser barrel -Better trigger

    Haha you say "I'm not responsible for anything you do with this" but to be honest, there's not much we can do with this anyway lol