This is a 2.5" HDD clock I made from a dead external hard drive. I used a 2.5" drive instead of a 3.5" drive as in the UK it is very hard to find clock movements that have a long enough spindle to go all the way through.

This is my first instructable and I am 14, so any constructive criticism or comments are encouraged. I am entering the battery powered contest, so be sure to vote for me!

Step 1: The Parts and Tools.

The parts needed are:
1. Any 2.5" HDD
2. A clock movement, long enough to go through your chosen Hard Drive.
3. Hands for the movement.
4. An AA battery.
5. Old RAM for a frame (optional)

1. Torx t8 and t7 screwdrivers (for the drive casing and fasteners).
2. A small philips scre driver (for the drive PCB).
3. A pair of pliers.
4. A 1/8" pin punch. (for the dismantling the motor)
5. A rubber hammer. (for the pin punch)
6. A drill and 7-7.5mm metal bits.
7. Glue for the frame (optional)
8. Bolts for holding the frame (optional)
Thanks for the comments, I have added an extra step on how I added a frame for the clock made from old RAM modules.
<p>Awesome! </p>
<p>I Made it!!!))))))))))))</p>
Wow, well done good job! Especially as you are 14. It's a clock worthy of any IT geeks desk! (I'm nearly 34 and wonder if my soon to be attempted version will come out anywhere near as good!)
Awesome idea! :) Voted!
we have a REAL hdd-clock! no kid stuff like this!
you should see our idea! yiiiiihaaaaaaa! THAT IS AWESOME!!!
At first I was like not bad, then I read amd found out you are only 14. Great job A+
Novel idea - good job for a 14 year old.

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