Step 18: Citrus Bath

Draw yourself a soothing citrus bath.  Its simple: grind up some lemon and orange peels and put them at the foot of your pantyhose.  Tie a knot at the top and let it sit in the water.
Years ago I read about some college students on their way home in a small car when the fan belt broke. A female passenger removed her pantyhose while the guys looked the other way. One of the guys slipped them over the pulleys in the pathway of the broken belt and tied the feet together in a knot. He adjusted the tightener pulley a bit and they were able to drive to a garage for a real replacement belt.
<p>Yup - my dad used to use one for a belt in his record turntable. Also worked for many, many years.</p>
<p>Yep. I can confirm too...worked like a charm.</p>
<p>Can confirm this one is true. Same happened with my mom back in college. Fan belt broke and some bloke who stopped to help asked her the creepy question, &quot;Are you wearing Pantyhose?&quot; She did and he proceeded to do the same with it as you describe. My mom managed to get to a garage where they could fix it properly. </p><p>Another quick trick from those days. If you minor spring a leak in your radiator, pour curry powder into the engine coolant. it will seal the hole long enough to get you to safety. That is if you have some handy, thankfully my mom grew up in the capitol of India, Durban, and some random stranger had some handy when her car was overhearing due to a small leak.</p>
<p>Yes this is true, I did it myself once. I had taken my wife to a job interview and on our way home the serp belt broke. Luckily she had nylons on so I tied them around the drive pulley and around the water pump. I didn't have power steering but it drove and didn't overheat. Actually drove it for a couple days until Monday rolled around and I could get a new belt. Throw an old pair of these in your trunk next to your jack, you never know when they can save you.</p>
<p>Pantyhose Microphone Pop Filter</p><p>Howto: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Microphone-Pop-Filter/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Microphone-Pop-Fil...</a></p>
<p>Rob a bank....... LOL.... Better watch out with that comment - Very few people have a sense of humor these days :-)</p>
There is a use for these that is probably not mentioned in many places. Take hair clipping from a barber shop, put them in pantyhose, and use the leg-shaped hair balls to soak up oil from oil spills in the ocean. Sure, it'll take a boat load of hair-filled nylons to make a difference, but they cost nothing but time to make.
actually putting kitty litter in the pantyhose to soak up oil works much better
<p>Also - Kitty Litter in the panty hose works as a Hang-up to remove extra moisture in the air from a damp area of one's house. Not much needed, just a few cups.</p>
<p>hair in a pantyhose repels squirrels, I've heard. They think it smells like a predator.</p>
<p>Great to strain lumps out of paint.</p>
<p>We would use it after working with fiberglass to remove the little invisible glass splinters from our arms. Just run the panty hose under some cold water and run it down your arms always from shoulder to hand and it'll pull the splinters out. </p>
<p>I've never heard of that one! I have a friend who has just started with a fibreglass insulation company and I'll have to tell him about that.</p>
<p>A few more uses for pantyhose :</p><p>1.Help to prevent saddle sores when horse riding</p><p>2.Can protect against box jellyfish stings (deadly jellyfish in Northern Queensland, Australia),</p><p>3.Make good ties for tomato plants and other climbing plants with more delicate stems</p><p>4. if used with a solution of lavender oil (about 2 teaspoons of the 20% oil per litre of water or about 12 drops of pure oil per litre of water) in a spray bottle, they will clean most marks off walls without damaging the paint and are fantastic for cleaning fingerprints from light switches and power points etc. </p><p> and,</p><p>5.. if you fill the foot part with natural wheat bran and a small drop of dishwashing liquid and tie it then cut it off the main body of the pantyhose, it makes a very effective spot cleaner for upholstery.</p>
<p>er, how do you put the panty hose on the horse to prevent saddle sores? I've got 4 horses and am intrigued.</p>
<p>lmao! Yes, they can get a bit stroppy when it comes to dressing them in pantyhose - especially if they don't like the denier! You could always try lace top stay up stockings, though!</p>
<p>I like the panty hose ideas for the vegetable garden. I'm a 63 yr old man, with no woman in my life, so, no used hose. Besides buying new hose, where would a fellow locate used hose?</p>
<p>Buy 'em on line - cheaper than dirt from China.</p>
<p>I purchased a big bag of old pantyhose at a thrift store for $2, might be worth a look.</p>
<p>They are pretty cheap in the Dollar store. and they will look used the first time you use them to tie up your tomatoes</p>
Hi former upstate New Yorker. I am a current upstate New Yorker and have been suffering from cold legs in the winter too. I have tried wearing thermals under my dress pants, but they are too thick (and itchy).<br><br>Your pantyhose idea sounds great. My problem, I am a single guy, and don't currently have a girl friend to ask. I am too embarrassed to buy them or to ask any girls I know. <br><br>Women, If I were your boyfriend, or even just a close friend, would you think it odd if I were to ask your and explain why?<br>
<p>Seriously, just go buy them. No one is going to question you if they are for you unless you tell them they are, if anything they will just assume-that you are a sweet boyfriend buying them for your girlfriend. I wear them all the time in the winter as I have nerve damage and honestly, I'd probably never leave the house of pantyhose or tights didn't exist.</p>
<p>Turn in your Man Card. No one really cares why you are buying them. <br>I've bought them and other woman's products for my girl. Never felt <br>funny, just did what needed to be done.</p><p>I have never tried <br>them for warmth but I do not use cotton thermals, I use polypropylene underwear <br>when I am out in the cold. Cotton only keeps your sweat and then becomes<br> cold so you become cold. if you are so afraid of someone finding out <br>try the polypropylene, works awesome.</p>
<p>I wouldn't think it odd with that explanation. Years ago Football player Joe Namath wore panty hose for that reason, also. And he ended up doing a commercial on TV for the panty hose company. </p>
<p>i remember that commercial but never knew why he did it! wow!</p>
<p>I have found that those in the store simply assume that you are buying female-oriented products for your wife or girlfriend. If anyone reacts at all, it's usually with admiration. It's awkward the first time, then you realize it's a non-issue. The only hitch would be if you wanted to ask that counter-person out for a date.</p>
<p>PS...I do find that nylons are very uncomfortable with leg hair.</p>
baby powder
<p>Seriously, my friend. No one cares. I used this trick CONSTANTLY when I was snow boarding, back in the day. We'd saturate our baggy jeans with Scotch Guard, Then put on 1-2 layers of panty-hose underneath, depending on the expected temps. We looked cool, dry and were actually quite cozy!</p>
awww get over it! go get your hose. You could be buying for a significant other, its noooo bodies biz!
<p>I wore them all through the winter when I enlisted (back in 89). Basic and AIT in the snow &amp; sub-zero temps...the long underwear helped a little, but it still got cold. the pantyhose worked surprisingly well. After learning that, I use them every winter when deer hunting and the temps drop :)</p>
<p>Dollar store....they have everything for a dollar</p>
<p>Absolutely NOT! As kids, we used to wear my Mom's snagged pantyhose under our snow pants so we could stay outside longer in the Winter! And, by we, I mean my sister AND brother! All the neighbor kids did it!</p>
<p>just tell them you need them to rob a bank. Manliness intack. </p>
Use the self-checkout
<p>Underarmor, worth every cent! </p>
<p>Underarmor, worth every cent! </p>
<p>just say recycle my friend</p>
<p>If you are ever uncomfortable buying something, buy an inexpensive birthday card with the item to make it seem like it is for someone else,</p>
<p>i always love this question, because it helps open up avenues toward broader minds, lol!</p><p>i -definitely- wouldn't think it odd! you're cold, and confident enough with yourself to be practical :D i've had guy friends ask, and suggested it to guys who were having the same problem, lol...i usually suggest cheap tights over pantyhose, though, because they're slightly thicker/more durable...you can even cut the feet off, if it's more comfortable. my mom was career Navy, stationed here in VA, where winters are cold, and she wore tights under her uniform pants on her ship, after one of her CHIEFS suggested it to her, LOL ;D</p><p>hope the pantyhose helped keep you warm!!</p><p>~christi :)</p><p>VA</p>
<p>Cutting off the feet of your tights/pantyhose is a smart thing as they are made of synthetic materials that will make your feet cold in winter as they do not transport the sweat away from the foot. Use a pair of soft wool socks instead and you'll have warm feet all winter long:o)</p>
didn't a 70s football player do a commercial for nylons?
<p>That would be Joe Namath.</p>
I can't believe nobody replied. <br>I wouldn't think it was odd. But when I worked retail it wasn't unusual to have guys buying stockings . I never asked, but I'd bet they'd just say they were getting them for their mom.
<p>I buy enchantress pantyhose and they are delivered to my house once a month. These are the best wearing hose I have ever come across.</p>
<p>Hi... I don't believe noone has posted wear them *over* your shoes and trousers/jeans whatever if there is a lot of ice. You will *never* slip!</p>
<p>So many great ideas! You can also knot the hose between each onion and snip them off one at a time. </p>
<p>I line my handknit stuffies with a nylon before stuffing so it doesn't 'beard' or show thru the stitching.</p>

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