Step 24: Keep Warm

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I used this trick all the time when I lived in upstate New York.  Its easy to layer your shirts, but its not so easy to layer your pants.  In the winter wear your old pantyhose under your pants for an extra layer of insulation.  It doesn't matter how old and worn out your pantyhose are because no one will see them!
upstaterNY3 years ago
Hi former upstate New Yorker. I am a current upstate New Yorker and have been suffering from cold legs in the winter too. I have tried wearing thermals under my dress pants, but they are too thick (and itchy).

Your pantyhose idea sounds great. My problem, I am a single guy, and don't currently have a girl friend to ask. I am too embarrassed to buy them or to ask any girls I know.

Women, If I were your boyfriend, or even just a close friend, would you think it odd if I were to ask your and explain why?
sconner13 years ago
And this is also good to wick moisture away from your skin to keep warm in the cold weather too. The outdoor stores sell thin, stretchy synthetic fiber undergarments for unspeakable prices to do the same thing.
sdhicks4 years ago
NY Jets quarterback Joe Namath did this in the NFL!
CRaeJ4 years ago
I agree that this is a great idea! I've worn pantyhose under my slacks and jeans for warmth during cold weather for many years. I'll keep hose with minor runners and snags just for this purpose, it's a perfect way to get a few more wearings out of them. :-)
jdougherty24 years ago
This may or may not be true, but I've heard that high-rise construction workers would wear pantyhose to work to keep warm and not have to worry about the added bulk of long johns.