Step 25: Clean Hairbrush

Picture of Clean Hairbrush
Stretch a small piece of pantyhose over your brush head.  Use a bobby pin or pen to push it down below the bristles.   When you are ready to clean the hair out of your brush simply remove the pantyhose and throw it all out.

And remove mosquitos on your car wih only water

sconner13 years ago
This is the best one.

26. Fill the foot with climbers hand chalk powder and tie it to your belt for easy access while on the ropes. Just give it a squeeze with one hand at a time.
I loved reading all your tips. Please do add more.
One impotant thing for pantyhose, If you break a belt on your car. When I drove over the road my truck broke an alternator belt, Leggs got me home 1200 miles.
You have GOT to write Leggs and let them know - soooo awesome :)
pzaleskin4 years ago
I cut up old pairs and use them as car mirror condoms. Seriously ... they keep the damn birds off the mirrors and either scratching the finish and leaving their droppings behind.
kilbia4 years ago
That's brilliant! I never would have thought of this.
palambert4 years ago
Wow! That is the best tip EVER! I'm gonna try this!!!