Step 4: Vacuum - Find Lost Objects

Picture of Vacuum - Find Lost Objects
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I am alway dropping small objects like beads and the backs of my earrings on the floor.  A simple way to find small lost objects is by placing pantyhose over the head of the vacuum hose, securing it with a rubber band (so the pantyhose don't get sucked up!), and vacuuming under tables and chairs.  The objects are quickly picked up with out getting sucked away into the vacuum!
sherna13 years ago
Another use, for those of us who have ceiling fans.
Slid a single stocking onto each blade. Keeps them clean for ages, and saves heaps on time and energy cleaning them.
Use singles not pantyhose, because it needs to have the 'band' around the top to hold onto the fan blade.
Use white stockings on white blades, etc.
Lhtrf4 years ago
This also works with a magnet inside a plastic (or like here, pantyhose), though only for steel, so this is better.