Step 8: Cotton Ball Substitute - Remove Nail Polish

Picture of Cotton Ball Substitute - Remove Nail Polish
pantyhose 059.jpg
pantyhose 061.jpg
For some reason I have always hate the way cotton balls feel.  I can't really explain it but squishing them makes me shudder.  I usually use toilet paper when removing nail polish, but I found that using pantyhose is a much easier solution.  Nail polish comes off faster and easier when you use pantyhose instead of cotton balls or toilet paper.  You can also reuse the pantyhose so no waste is produced!
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signoutloud3 years ago
I'll bet cotton balls (or tissue or paper towels) put INSIDE the pantyhose would work well, too? Hmm..have to try that sometime - thank you!!
PrismQuartz3 years ago
I thought I was the only person who dreads cotton balls (its like thousands of spiders scratching you) and I always hated how much toilet paper I'd have to go threw for my nails. This is awesome :D !!