Introduction: .25 Ultra Slim Minimalistic Wallet, Money Clip, Metal Bottle Opener, Credit Card That Could Be Attached to Your Android Case

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Hi guys while trying to model an android case similar to my iphone case i came out with a cool little wallet that can hold you up till i get the android case done.. This ultra Slim and minimalistic case is waterproof, sweat proof, small, portable, has a money clip, a working bottle opener,  and holds 2 credit cards and 1 I.D. If you wan to incorporate this to your existing phone case// all you need is a flat back and some strong double sided tape

This Wallet is perfect to minimalistic people that need to carry as little as possible. This is a perfect wallet for cyclist and runners since it's only a bit bigger than .25 inches including credit cards. This is like the carbon fiber version of a wallet for all of your minimalistic needs.

3d modeling software
3d printer or 3d printer service
dog tag bottle opener hopefully 1.5 - 2mm thick
Double sided tape (if you want to attach to your phone case)

Like i mentioned before i was gonna make you guys an android wallet, money clip, bottle opener, etc.. I been working on it for a little while and talked to a lot of people with androids.. I come to realization that there is a lot of android phones out there.. This is a horrible issue since i don't own a 3d printer and prototyping and testing is a very costly and time consuming process.

Honestly i don't even know which android model to start with. I talked to the people at the store and people at work. They all gave me different models and statistics of the most common android. So unless i get my hands on a 3d printer i will have to narrow down my design to a certain model.

I would like to recruit your help and vote for me to win the make it real contest.. if i win this i would be able to speed up the process of making an android cases. Also while voting for me please write down the android model you will like me to model 1st in the comment section :)

RIght now i believe my best chances of winning are on this Nano holder with earphone organizer. So please!! vote for me

This is a link to my iphone wallet case.. so please vote for me here too .. thanks

** UPDATE this 3d print is now on sale n along with a variation without the bottle opener

Step 1: The Idea

Picture of The Idea
The idea behind this is based on my iphone case. My iphone case does exactly what this wallet do but it also protects your phone. However, this is my 1st version with a working bottle opener. Right now i'm using a metal dog tag to work as the metal part of my bottle opener. I plan on getting a couple laser cut metal pieces in the future for those planning to get this minimalistic wallet.

This is meant to be used alone or attached to your phone case using double sided tape..

here is me talking a bit more about it

Step 2: Modeling

Picture of Modeling
The modeling is very similar to this.. instead of me using the measurements for the iphone case to design the wallet.. I used the measurements of common credit cards and I.Ds. I believe the credit card it'self is about 1.3 mm thick or 1/16 of an inch.. add a bit more for the numbers that stick out and the IDs is about 1/16in or 1.2 mm.. add the measurements of two credit cards and one I.D. or change your measurements to fit as many credit cards as you like

The video shows mainly how to create a credit card opening.. and basic process i used to keep my model thickness at least 1mm thick.

The only difference between my iphone case and this minimalistic wallet is that it doesnt have the walls that attach the wallet to your iphone. 

Step 3: Get It Printed and Enjoy the Coolest, Thinner Wallet You Will Ever Be Able to Purchase

Picture of Get It Printed and Enjoy the Coolest, Thinner Wallet You Will Ever Be Able to Purchase

Like i mentioned in my iphone case instructable.. i wasn;t able to find a thin very portable wallet. i couldnt find one that incorporated my iphone or my wallet idea. So i went a created one.

You can create your own if you work hard and put a lot of thinking behind it..

Don't forget to vote for me in my other instructables..


RIght now i believe my best chances of winning are on this Nano holder with earphone organizer. So please!! vote for me

This is a link to my iphone wallet case.. so please vote for me here too .. thanks


sway (author)2013-01-20

Sorry but this is way to difficult requiring specialized software and a 3D printer.
Who has a 3D printer? To have the printed up at the place you suggested costs $28

Please google incipio stowaway case.

Why would anyone vote for this? $20 at thinkgeek and I have what I need.

mstyle183 (author)sway2013-01-20

I entered this for a contest where I was required to make something.. I have the software but not a 3d printer.. I think the prize was a 3d printer.. But I didn't win.. So I made it available for purchase at which is a 3d printing service.. The product is not mass produced and is individually 3d printed. Also it's manufactured here in the USA.. I know I can't compete for with mass manufactured Chinese made products.. But this is pretty affordable at 20 bucks a piece.. The one that is 28 is my iPhone case.. I hope 3d printing price goes down but I like the fact that my stuff is 3d printed.. Is a great conversation piece and is worth the extra dollars

sway (author)mstyle1832013-01-20

So your selling it. I didn't realize that's what we did at instructables. I guess that was my mistake

sway (author)2013-01-20

You tried to keep the price down. Does that mean you are selling this? Is that even allowed?

theyurtingyeti (author)2012-05-01

That's a really cool idea... I'll put in a vote for the ATT Captivate :)

But I'm also interested in the base clip that I could stick anywhere... how much would it cost for one? (I don't have a lot of access to 3-D printers and such)


mstyle183 (author)theyurtingyeti2012-05-29

** UPDATE this 3d print is now on sale n along with a variation without the bottle opener

i tried to keep the price down.. but 3d printing is not that cheap yet

mstyle183 (author)theyurtingyeti2012-05-01

hey man.. i'll write down your vote.. don't forget to vote for me ... and about getting it.. i'm working on something.. ill keep you updated

theyurtingyeti (author)mstyle1832012-05-02

Thanks!... I voted for you already. Great designs. Good luck!

mstyle183 (author)2012-04-29

hey man thanks for the interest.. can you edit your comment and take out your phone numbers. i would hate for you to get spam calls because of it... i'll message you directly with directions on how to get it as soon as i can..

also ill put you down for a vote for motorola Atrix .. whichever gets the most votes is the 1st one i'm designing .. and like i said.. if i win i be able to do a lot of cooler, faster designs.. and dont forget to check out my other product inventions

sciman1 (author)2012-04-27

I use a thin brushed nickel cigarette case.
it's only 3/8 thick and has to hell and back with me.
it clips closed.... never had anything slip out of it.
it just seems like this would have a minor issue of
stuff slipping out... our using the bottle opener and
snapping the clip. BUT TOTAL PROPS!! i mean it's
really freakn awesome you decided to 3d print a
wallet money clip! my only concern is durability.
What print media are you using??
again, SO COOL!

mstyle183 (author)sciman12012-04-27

thats very cool.. i wanted to try out the cigarete holder idea a while back.. but a lot of the nice ones seemed a bit overpriced... so i stopped looking.. I think i'm gonna post better pictures of the design.. but the idea is that the money clip works as a pressure pin to keep things from falling. However, i made the measurements specific enough that if you put 2 credit cards and an ID.. the part that surrounds it.. puts enough pressure to keep anything from falling..

The bottle opener part.. i had similar concern that the money clip will snap off.. right now the metal part is a dog tag bottle opener.. so it's meant to keep most of the pressure on the metal part hiding behind the money clip plastic part..

I actually went and bought some Cervesas last night.. and i will be conducting extensive testing over the weekend.. and will make a video that better shows how it works..

the material i'm using is strong and flexible from it's pretty strong.. the only reason i didnt mention it on my instructable is because i'm not getting paid by them or given and financial incentive to promote them.. so i try not to lol

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