250 Class FPV Drone Under $350





Introduction: 250 Class FPV Drone Under $350

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Howdy Instructable readers.
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    Hi there MoTinkerGNome,

    I'm just having trouble running up my rotors, they dont appear (are not coloured-availible) on the screen in base flight, can input all other parameters, any ideas?

    regards Mischa


    Thank you very much i hope it will be useful to me

    Hello! I'm thinking about making one of these, and I was wondering if it had a gyro (to balance itself). This is what I'm used to flying, but I'm willing to try to fly without. Thanks!

    Yep there is a gyro for each axis along with accelerometers, the controller can be programmed for either self righting or "acrobatic" depending on your skill and desire to replace propellers :)

    Hope that helps.

    In case anyone was following my post the solution to my arming problem was:

    - rewire the receiver as shown in the pic attached. Basically opposite hand with signals all on first rail in same order as before and power wire left as it was on ch5.

    - modify the max_check in the program through CLI to something less than the default value of 1900 (say 1850) so your controller yaw can exceed it at max position so the program recognizes an ARM command. (You can first test this before changing the program default by just using the fine tune thumb wheel for yas if you can get it above 1900 on the high side.)

    Hope that helps somebody somewhere.....................

    Next up.............tie it down and add props!



    Remarkably good Instructable! Worked fantastic for a beginner like myself.

    I purchased and assembled all of the parts as
    presented. Even added a Screamer for low
    bat alarm. FPV is operating great!

    For the program I used CleanFlight and all seemed to work fine. I used the CleanFlight configurator and
    followed your lead in the video for setup.
    Motors calibrated fine after I did swap leads on two of them to get them
    in the right direction. So the power board seems to work ok and the
    Naze32 controller board LED lights up as expected. The Screamer unit beeps at me. It was hard to see the position of the 5V power
    connected to the receiver (CH5 pins) and I know I had the ground lead flipped
    to the control board's ground side wire pin on the receiver first. Then
    flipped it over to the signal side pins with the other signal channel wires from
    the control board and it lit up and worked then. I always had the 5V red power supply from
    the PDB on the same line of receiver pins as the red power line to the flight control board (receiver
    center pins).

    Problem I do have now is that I cannot get the Turnigy 5X
    control transmitter to work. It seems to
    bind ok with the receiver. Its light on
    the receiver and transmitter go solid when binding as expected. But will not interface with the configurator
    channel range checking step nor will the controller arm. I am trying to arm by leaving the right stick
    in center and moving the left stick to low (down) throttle and high (right)

    I have it set on MODE 2 and tried the Aile and Rudd switches
    in normal and Rev position. I did try to set the minimum throttle to 850 to
    make sure range was low enough. There is
    another yellow blinking LED on the flight controller board that I think is
    supposed to go solid green when it is armed?

    I tried searching this out on line but without success. Any help or suggestions?


    OK now that there is some hooplah on the drone front you may or may not need to regester your aircraft depending on weight of all systems. 250 grams is the limit over you need to regester under you are good to go.

    Hi, very nice instructable.

    I made this quadcopter like a month ago, but I have a problem with motors. When I'm testing them via master slide they turn fine, when I try with the radio controller they do not spin equal. Can you help me?

    Thanks a lot.

    Sure, The first thing I would do would be to re-calibrate the speed controllers. around the 7 minute mark in my configuration video.

    Along with double checking the orientation of the flight controller and that all the controls are centered. If you used the 5x transmitter that I picked the dual rate switch seems to do some weird stuff with the motors. So I would check that it is not set to the reduced rate setting.

    As it is a quad all the trims should be centered. Let me know is that resolves your issue.

    Hi, I tried everything you said.

    I have this issue only with the radio controller. If I spin the motor via baseflight they are ok. This happens only to one motor randomly, sometimes is the 4th, sometimes the 3rd or the 2nd. I'm starting to guess that is a radio controller problem.

    Thanks for the patience.

    No worries. Did you use the turnigy 5 channel controller? I had to reverse 2 channels. On my TX it is from left to right. Up, down, down, up, up, up,