Step 7: Cut the Holes

Use the utility knife to cut out the needed openings.

(Be careful - that blade's sharp!)

Try to cut the holes no bigger than actually needed.  Their size will expand when you put the case back on the phone.

If you cut them too small (or large) - you'll be able to address that later.
3M makes a type we use at work as electricians, it has a fiber inside it, but otherwise the same as what you have. That may resist splitting. Theres also a silicone tape that fuses to itself, but I think it only comes in a light gray color.<br><br>The only downside is that it attracts dirt. I wiped a tiny bit of oil on a hammer I wrapped the tape in; its enough to fill in and kill the adhesive properties on the outer exposed layer, but not enough to make it come loose, unravel, or slip out of my hand when using it.
Hm, this has me thinking about a recycled bike innertube bumper...<br />
Good idea... Maybe a larger diameter tube like for a small tractor wheel. Cut a closed section the width you want and stretch it around the phone. It would smell like an inner tube though, even a new one.

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