Picture of 25MM Pneumatic Sniper Rifle
***Disclaimer*** The following is for informational purposes only, i take no responsibility for what you do with this knowledge. i can not be held responsible for any property or medical damages caused by this weapon. i would advise you to check your local laws. These types of guns are illegal in some areas, and i would highly advise you against building one of these in said areas. Pneumatic rifles can be very powerful and should never be pointed at a person or animal. Lastly when dealing with pneumatics never over pressurize them and always use NFS-PW pipe (as apposed to DWV)

well before we begin i must state a few things...

-PVC can only be used at half or less than half the pressure rating stamped on the pipe when pressurized gases are used in the pipe
-i would suggest never pressurizing this cannon above 150 psi, remember its only plastic
-never store any type of PVC pneumatic with pressure still in it
-always allow a full 24hours for PVC glue to dry before pressurizing
-when building pneumatics always use metal or PVC pipe (never ABS)
-PVC is shock sensitive meaning if its dropped on a hard its very likely it will be damaged and it would be very dangerous to pressurize after damaged
-PVC becomes very brittle below 32 degrees (Fahrenheit) and is very likely to explode if pressured in such conditions
-when building pneumatics pressure rated pipe should always be used (none of that cell core or DWV crap)
-the most important part of any pneumatic are the PVC welds AND I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU READ THIS TUTORIAL before you even think about starting this.
-when you are dealing with high velocity projectiles always remember you safety glasses
-always be sure of your back stop when shooting any form of rifle, pistol, gun, bow.... anything that can fire some vague form of projectile
-and use common sense!
-do not use un-regulated HPA or CO2 in a PVC cannon ever they are stored at to high of pressures to be safe in PVC, but if you have a properly regulated setup they can be used ( if you lower the pressure to about 100psi)

Now onto the good part...

this is my entry for the launch it challenge, it is a 25MM Pneumatic Cannon. it has 2.5 foot long one inch diameter barrel with a custom bolt action mechinism, of course we have the 3-9X40 sniper scope, and a 1" modified sprinkler valve as the primary firing valve.

The Video...

invalid movie: http://youtube.com

remember always wear safety goggles, you never know where or when something will ricochet especially when its traveling at 300+FPS

Fun Fact: PVC shards can't be picked up by X-Rays (this is a safety tip! don't rush or you'll get a PVC shard in you and you probably wont get it out. im not saying you should sneak one of these into your luggage and go threw airport security. it would be way to big any way)

better video coming soon

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power source------------------compressed air
power source pressure-----100psi
chamber volume--------------45 ci (approx.)
barrel volume------------------25 ci (approx.)
c/b ratio--------------------------1.8 to 1(approx.)
firing valve----------------------pneumatically actuated sprinkler valve (a "modded sprinkler" valve)
pilot valve-----------------------blow gun valve
fill valve--------------------------female quick disconnect
fire rate--------------------------single shot, bolt action
caliber---------------------------25MM ( one inch)
projectile velocity-------------unknown (coming soon)
effective range----------------unknown (coming soon)
maximum range-------------unknown (coming soon)
optics---------------------------3-9X40MM rifle scope
primary material used------PVC pipe


Depechemodian3 months ago

Hello, first of all, congratulations for this great work, is impressive. I would like to ask if you think you could give pressure with a hand pump for bicycles. Thank you.

I use a bike pump for mine and get to 100 psi easy.
I use a bike pump for mine and get to 100 psi easily.
One small step for man one giant leap for homemade nerd weaponry.
dannuer3 months ago

Hello I would like constuir this rifle but do not understand much because my language is Spanish and some material names I get distorted in the translator , if possible please thank me send everything about the respect to my mail as I do not have I could not download the pdf of this good stuff, as this page will not let me thank you for your collaboration , greetings from Venezuela

BronsonA3 months ago

I got fined 50$ for just walking around and shooting it at targets and a cop thought it was a real riffle

rich.schnippel made it!5 months ago

This is the airgun that my 13 year old son built for the Science Fair...he won his school division, city division and regional division...we went to the state level this weekend, but he did not win. His project was determining which style of handmade nail-dart was the most accurate based on the fin design. Nice project...he did a great job!

Air Gun.jpg
WilmerV15 months ago



DanX15 months ago

This is great! Thanks!

PandoodleR6 months ago

The video is unnavailable!!

I just made one similar to this one but used a momentary switch as a trigger.
runamazondry10 months ago

That's so awesome i am going to try this.

I thought these were the best cheap airsoft snipers but wow..


But for a home-made airsoft rifle this is so awesome!

How much did that cost? I would guess around $45?

mrzaden.kirk10 months ago

can someone make me one I'll pay 50$ to 65$ for one kik me at kikzaden or snapchat me at zadenk plz reply if u can thx.

how did you mod the sprinkler valve ?

Managinis1 year ago

can u move the trigger up????

Managinis1 year ago

hay how much dose it cost????

ikhan261 year ago
hello there I Hv gathered all parts and before I start making it a few questions..... how do you calculate air pressure in chamber. there is no psi meter. also can I attach psi metre on the left of quick disconnect valve?......
Grold1 year ago

I just wanted to ask is it possible that i could modify it to a paintball gun?

ikhan261 year ago
Finally after a long search i ordered sprinkler valve online store. it is of Rainbird brand. it has one solenoid on top at one end. it is black in colour. i hope it will work,....
ikhan261 year ago
hello irwinner I Hv been looking and reading all this info here. it's greatly helpful. much better than other air rifles made from pvc. so far I Hv tried hard in and around my area to find Sprinkler valve but no luck. I recently found Sprinkler valve online store in USA. before I place an order I want to confirm that it is orbit open jar online valve with two sides open like in pic. but it has some black part attached on top. so if could just clarify then really I would go ahead. now I am just waiting for reply from you ..... till then I'll keep my fingers crossed.
keyondre1 year ago

Is the sprinkler system a: "orbit 1 in. NPT green jar top valve"?
because thats the closest one i found i think it may be the same one.
Other than that i built it today and spent 75$ on everything, although i
had an air chamber built for a previous one i made, the valve was
already in it. So i re-used it because, it was the same exact design.So
if someone wanted to go make this now, id say depending where you live
it may differ( but im in PA) if ur buying the air chamber id say its
roughly $85 overall. Assuming (4-5$ for tubing, 4$ for fittings, and the
rest is tax).Ill post a pic once i finish it and paint it, im waiting
on the stupid orbit bulls#!% to hook stuff up, and test it.

nhstillman1 year ago

Do you think I could modify the barrel to shoot crossbow bolts?

nhstillman1 year ago

Can you provide a working link for the video? The pictures are great and all but I am more a visual person because I like to build my projects along with "someone" (in this case, the video). If not, that is ok. Either way, this is a great build!

MadBomber123 years ago
This is ganna sound stupid, but what's the best ammo for this rifle?
Marbles or Nerf Darts, worked for me
I'm thinking marshmallows would work well.
I think that they would explode on the way out. lol.
irwinner its wonderful work you have done can i change the barrel size to use it for paintball ammo
philip19822 years ago
THIS PROJECT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Thanks @irwinner!
ychin22 years ago
hi there! this is an awesome intructable! i was hoping to build it for a physics project.
but i was wondering if it were possible for me to connect the gas reservoir to the blowgun and subsequently connect it to the bolt assembly directly, and bypass the sprinkler valve? would it post any safety hazards, or reduce its power?
it is my first time building a pneumatic cannon, and i dont really know how these stuff works.
jaykay0072 years ago
About to make this model, Upload images after its completion
Denasdc2 years ago
And also: Why do u need coupling in the bolt action?
Denasdc2 years ago
Hello all. I'm planning to build this one with few little changes to it. But i have only one problem considering this: When the bolt action is set up: the barrel itself will move up, or it will stay and the other piece with same diameter will move to the barrel? I just can't get it. Will you help me this?
i im thinking of making this about how much did it cost you?
MakarovII2 years ago
This is a good airgun what is the projectile of this stuff reply me cause i made one and i appreciate your work good job...
fr05ty9115 years ago
instead of gluing the chamber in could you use a quick disconnect so you wouldn't have to keep refilling it and just swap chambers???
thats a god idea but the disconnect might be two small so you would have to use some reducers.
but that would be a very good idea if you were using the gun away from an aircompressor... infact i might try that
yeah you could make it snap on and off to make a fast change air tank
Wouldn't that not work because the whole idea of the compression chamber is to quickly release the air? If you could do it that way you might as well keep it attached to the compressor and forgo making the compression chamber altogether.
Syn7 shaclonts2 years ago
or use a real tank and have multiple shots. It's not the same. The whole concept here is a complete release in one shot. Hooking it to a direct infinite source requires a slightly different design. There are lots on here, just search.
Syn7 Syn72 years ago
Although, you could just carry a pressurized tank with a scrader valve filler attachment and use that to refill your pvc canister while in the field. Prolly a good idea to have a guage handy if you don't have one built in with the valve.
maybe u could hav a hwhole second tank with a female disconect at one end and a male discnnect at the other, so u could fill it at the commpresser and then when u wanted to use the cannon away from the commpresser u could fill from that
hunter11253 years ago
So if you pressurize the tank to 100 psi does it shoot well, and does tank size have a factor besides amount of shots?
mamajr963 years ago
Couple questions, do you have to use an air compressor to fill the tank each time can't you mount and second tank filled with air and leak it into the other tank to re-fil the main tank. This is a dumb one but I'm guessing you have to re-fill the tank each show right
and is it only one shot?
i think my jaw just fell off my face when i saw that thing
fjdutra3 years ago
Well, to get where I find this valve and how it would be worth it if I send him the money and buy a pro Brazil send me inside mines can give me an answer on my imail fjdutra@r7.com required urgent thank you for comprehension

Fabio Junio ​​Dutra
lewster3 years ago
This is incredible! Have u thought about using paintballs or splatballs (from kmart) and a 15mm barrel to shoot them? This could be used with a spring feed, or just bolt action, for an incredibly awesome paintball gun! i have another air cannon (i lie, i have 3) and splatballs work great! u get them from kmart, or maybe walmart if ur in America?
In america, you can get proper paintballs anyway
lolzprox3 years ago
Hey anyone know where to get that sprinkler valve? And the blowgun valve.. I live in Singapore, which none of the DIY stores sell such stuff. And any idea if i can replace the sprinkler valve with ball valve?? Thanks.
de0509 lolzprox3 years ago
haha hello there, im from your neighbouring country. yeah, ball valves work fine too if we cant find those QEV stuff. mine uses a ball valve too. its less complicated but it still is fun.
but judging from the date of your comment, i guess you may have already made one diy airgun for yourself....
A ball valve will work fine. You just have to open it faster :)
deqwer3 years ago
is there any chance that the air gun can shoot twice?
de0509 deqwer3 years ago
i dont think it can be done with just one valve.
popcannon3 years ago
this may be a thick comment but where can i get the sprinkler valve and is "sprinkler valve" its real name?
Check out spudtech.com, they are expensive but do the hard work for you
it is the actual name, in fact, you can find them in many stores as "solenoid valves".

You can find them in several home improvement stores and wherever they sell irrigation products.
jfsimalesg3 years ago
ltran73 years ago
I can't find 1" anywhere what can I do??
stevenh4293 years ago
Does it matter if your blow gun is rated at like 90 psi and you want to shoot at 100+?
this would be better if it had a trigger
deobomb4 years ago
would it work to just run air hose from the tank to the triger and from there to the back of the barrel instead of useing the valve?
mrfuzz7 years ago
When you fire the gun won't the compressed air just leek out of the breech loader?
irwinner (author)  mrfuzz7 years ago
it does but only a little, not to the point where it effects performance much
couldn't you improve the preformance by sanding down the end of the barrel smooth (the end inside the bolt), then were the barrel meats the back of the bolt assembly you could put an O ring in there. in tern would stop a fair bit of air from coming out
I simple used some duct tape. It probably doesnt do as good of a job as an o ring but it does help seal it.
Where can I get all the materials needed for this in the UK? I can't find PVC in particular.
what part
jaddis24 years ago
hello love the gun just wanted to know on the video what did you use to put the air in the gun what your friend used p,ease please could you tell me
amenard14 years ago
Will any sprinkler valve work?

How does the trigger open the sprinkler valve?
HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! QUESTION: I have found in my local market (PAKISTAN) the pipes with following ratings (PVC 1" SCH 40 PSI 450 ASTM D-1785) and (PVC 2" SCH 40 PSI 280 ASTM D-1785) Does that mean that they have pressure ratings of 450 and 280 PSI respectively? Help would be really appreciated
That is correct.
andy panda4 years ago
cuanto mide tu arma en realidad gracias por tu idea
rafitaking4 years ago
ola soy rafa hoye ke buen tutorial pero no se donde consegir una valvula si en mexico me podrias desir donde la consigo y cuanto cuesta mi email es
boombox_654@hotmail.com grasias
AutoRifle124 years ago
Ok, my sprinkler valve didnt have the hole at the top, it just has the hole to the left....will that change on how to mod works or do i need to do the mod different?

great tutorial btw....i give it a 9.5/10!!
where can you find a pvc cap in the UK
Where can I get all the materials needed for this in the UK? I can't find PVC in particular.
Where can I get all the materials needed for this in the UK? I can't find PVC in particular.
Where can I get all the materials needed for this in the UK? I can't find PVC in particular.
Where can I get all the materials needed for this in the UK? I can't find PVC in particular.
Where can I get all the materials needed for this in the UK? I can't find PVC in particular.
Where can I get all the materials needed for this in the UK? I can't find PVC in particular.
johnsimo954 years ago
Made my own design inspired by this that is semi automatic with ten round magazines. This was a great instructable!
hi frnd.its amazing one. u hav a brillient future.i apriciate u.gud luck.
jledezma4 years ago
Hey Irwinner. Thank you for posting the "how to build" for your gun on this website. Thanks to that i have built a gun of my own. Just had a question, I don't really know what to use for the ammo so that it goes far, flies straight and has low air resistance basically. Don't know if u mind to help me out.
wass up
fidel144 years ago
donde conseguistes la mira
fidel144 years ago
muy bueno. como cuanto te costo todo lo intentare hacer con mi padre
CaseBoy4 years ago
can you make an electronic trigger for the sprinkler valve? please respond in need to know
jerickson4 years ago
i made it and it works great! need a bigger barrel tho the potato explodes in mid air because its so powerful
gjames14 years ago
i need help to make the area to put in the bullet
ostomesto4 years ago
hey will someone please help. i was going to make my own design of a air rifle but then i saw some of the designs other people had and ditched my old idea. But now im stuck. should i go for a wrap around or a straight barrel gun. I want to be able to add modifications and grips and crap like that. which way should i go for this.btw i have made a couple decent spud gun before so i am familer with all this but i just cant choose
make both
i ditched the under over and choose the straight one, please check it out:)
Dienerone4 years ago
hey dude, i started making this gun yesterday, and all i have really left to do is attatch the stock, attatch the handle and wait for the pvc cement to dry, cheers mate, helped me heaps........great tutorial.
cohlms4 years ago
what does it fire or shoot ?
how much was this whole gun? can i use a paintball co2 tank instead of the PVC pipe
vermeu4 years ago
This sight is for real?
hungyhipo 24 years ago
I know this is not relevant but what scope is it, who is the maker, and where did you get it.
100psi ???? nooo or....
SanAndres4 years ago
Hi irwinner I'm Andres from Ecuador....I have a problem.....Where I live I can't find the sprinkler valve, could you say me if there are any place where I can buy that in the web, and, of course, that they could send me the product to Ecuador....thanks...!!
I'm sorry my english is bad..
ostomesto4 years ago
Hey im making an airgun/rifle instructable soon. Ill comment when I post it. Thanks to irwinner(author of this instructable) for the inspiration to this idea for it. its going to be awesome
ok it's up and posted and it's AWESOME. It's called the NAR-V1 which stands for pNuematic Air Rifle version 1. Thanks Irwinner agian you gave me the idea. Check it out rate comment and subscribe
dinu5554 years ago
Hey chief could you tell me how to make this work actually i.e. umm how does this thing get its power
will772 dinu5554 years ago
It gets air pressure built up in the chamber; that little pipe under the barrel, then when you pull the trigger it releases the sprinkler valve that is holding back the pressurized air. That pretty much is how the whole thing works, you can do it with tennis balls, potatoes, pretty much anything as long as you make the barrel big enough and the PSI reading high enough.
will7724 years ago
What kind of projectile does it fire? Airsoft or other?
whats the total length of this gun?
also what is the total length of the stock?
danzo2274 years ago
hi can you give me the name of the valae that you youesd thanks
CaseBoy4 years ago
would it be possible to do the same thing with a 1/2"barrel
brum5 years ago
Hey can anyone please give me a hand, i have made my gun but even at 85 psi the diaphram wont pop up and let all the pressure through and i dunno y. its not the spring cos i took it out and it made no difference, u said u used 40 psi maybe the rubber is stiffer or the whole in the diaphram is too big just wanna get opinions.
benduy brum4 years ago
brum brum5 years ago
This project cost me aproximately $80AU
brum brum5 years ago
Never mind i found that the hole in the diaphragm to let the air through and where the guide rod goes was to big a gap so i filled the sides of the guide rod with hot glue, and um, WOW WHAT A HOME-MADE WEAPON, CRAZY POWERFUL AT 80-85 PSI, HAVEN'T TRIED ABOVE THAT (compressor restrictions) highly recommend these concepts but be creative and come up with a slightly different way of doing it like I did. GOOD LUCK TO ANYONE TRYING THIS! WELL WORTH IT WHEN U GET IT RIGHT...
Are there ways to edit/modify this to make it shoot 22mm ammo? I don't know much about all this stuff and I'm just helping a friend. Please help me(:
rap it in duct tape, dude that would still be dangeroius
hey, before you do that, couldnt you just use a sabot? it would prob be just as powerful and much quicker.
Yes. You can forgoe the bolt system and just screw the threaded adapter into the other side of the sprinkler valve and our of that put a short piece of 1" pipe and then on the end of that pipe put whatever an reducing bushing to whatever size pipe you want.
Thank you so much! I'll let him know what you said, and hopefully he can do it(:
no problem.
wolfgun4 years ago
ericquins4 years ago
Looks cool and nice yet a little complicated. A pro work indeed. You can also check mine.
abyrne454 years ago
How much did this thing cost to build.
[corosive]5 years ago
whut! so cool. where did you get the scope?
fredyvega105 years ago
pero como lo consigo en lowes o en home depot como se llama para ir a lowes o home depot
fredyvega105 years ago
me podrian decir donde conseguir esa valvula verde o decir como se llama?????? porfavor
es un modelo Orbit Agua-maestría 57020 con un adaptador dual macho en el extremo y los agujeros se llenan de JB Weld para llenar los agujeros para evitar fugas usted lo puede encontrar en Lowes o Home Depot.
arb1ter5 years ago
Ive been looking for a good design to make an airsoft sniper off of and i found it! Going to make so works with airsoft!
iiiifreak5 years ago
hello, I built the gun to what I thought was all according to specs but when I try to pressurize it, the air just circulates completely through the gun im assuming it has something to do with the sprinkler valve but I cant find the problem i removed the solenoid, plugged that hole drilled through the top and screwed in the barbed adapter any suggestions?
finmonster5 years ago
fredyvega105 years ago
i made 1 in around an hour with smalller barrel hooked it up to air pressurizer thing killed a blackbird
samdaman5 years ago
could you have a smaller barrell and turn that into a really powerful paintball gun?
qwertyman105 years ago
Do you think it would be possible to add interchangeable barrels, like a 1/2 inch tube for shooting a piece of rebar and a threaded connection for adding another tube for firing something like a soda can? as long as its possible, i can figure it out for myself.
poosh5075 years ago
you have to use what ever the sprinkler valve is rated to
polabearboi5 years ago
whats the best way to modify that 3/4" piece of pipe?
I used a scrollsaw for most of the cutting then when one slot got longer, I dremeled the rest out.
PVCArmory7 years ago
What is the estimated price of all the parts in USD if you have none of the parts already?
I didn't really have many tools, I had to buy the dremel for this, plus everything else. I also had to buy two sprinkler valves, because I really badly messed up the first one. I spent like $130-$155 USD I think.
when i got most of the parts from dixieline (not counting the sprinkley valve) i spent $50.21.
raf347 years ago
i found a way to silence the ugly wonk noise when you fire. you take a 1" coupling and you shave the outer layer w/ a dremmel or sand it until it can slide in and out of the barrel holding place. you glue it to the barrel, on the part that goes into the 1 1/2" pipe.I recommend you use water proof grease found in plumbing section so it slides in and out of barrel holding area. this way makes it alot more are tight an gets rid of the wonk noise
 It honks because the diaphragm is bouncing. Modify the sprinkler valve to combat this.
He's talking about the noise it makes when it fires, a "wonk" not a "honk." Just search for a potato cannon silencer. And if the sprinkler valve is making an air horn noise, it's not always because the diaphragm is bouncing.
wewantska5 years ago
anybody know how to put the hose on the blowgun valve pls reply as fast as you can
Since the blowguns I've seen are all 1/4" on the top, get a 1/4" hose barb, screw it in there, with teflon tape if you want, then slide braided hose over it and push down hard until it's all the way down. Instead of using compression fittings, I just used a 1/4" hose clamp and slid it down all the way on the pipe. I then used epoxy all over that and, after the epoxy dried, slathered a bunch of epoxy putty onto that, for a definite airtight seal. Did that with basically every air fitting on this, espiecially the modded sprinkler valve. I also used a ball valve in between the sprinkler valve and the blowgun as a safety.
polabearboi5 years ago
what is good ammo for 1" pipe?
Size C Batteries, small bouncy balls, Co2 canisters wrapped in duct tape to fit the barrel, mashed-in potatoes, and custom ammo you can make yourself out of metal pipe.
GhostSade5 years ago
What do you mean by the female quick disconnect??? I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO FIND IT! I don't know what it's called, I don't know where to find it, I don't know how much it would cost or anything else about it. This is a great tutorial but it doesn't describe the female quick disconnect ANYWHERE.
Nevermind, I've been researching pneumatic launchers for at least three weeks now, and I FINALLY found the info I needed. http://www.spudfiles.com/spud_wiki/index.php?title=Quick_disconnect But I still have one more question, one which will probably be answered before you guys can... I understand that the female coupler quick disconnect thing is threaded into the chamber, but since it's female, does it attach to something like this? http://doitbest.com/Air+Hoses+and+Fittings-Plews++Lubrimatic-model-21-505-doitbest-sku-589462.dib That would allow me to thread that in there, I would think. Also, one more question. What exactly plugs into the female coupler? I mean I have an air compressor, but it's got a tire fitting on it. Meant to be used on tires. What, isn't that called like a tire chuck or something...? Anyways, how can I fill this up quickly, I mean what exactly can plug into the female quick disconnect piece? I get confused a lot. These questions will probably be answered though, but answer them anyways so other people can see.
bounty10126 years ago
Reminds me of a Dragunov.
Same here.
jpe14565 years ago
i just have to say it. this is probably one of the best instructables i have seen. i have looked at this many times and i cant get enough of it and its pvc so i can add my own twists to it, but hands down this is the best instructable

stickz4956 years ago
how do you attach the quick disconnect? the one i got is female, but is only threaded on the inside....
it is another piece that has male threads on both sides
I am pretty new to this kinda stuff and my friend introduce me to this page.I instanly love this monster. But there is a major problem even if i wanna make the weapon.I am from singapore and i don't know where get most of the parts and my parents surely will not allow me to get do stuff but i can get the part and make them myself.Like the valve I cannot order for the net and idk how to mod it.I would appreciate If anyone could help of me.And if anyone can give me an estimated price of everything
if you dont know how to mod it yet maybe you shouldnt make it until u have done more research and understand the concept behind these and the dangers dont forget the dangers
HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! QUESTION: I have found in my local market (PAKISTAN) the pipes with following ratings (PVC 1" SCH 40 PSI 450 ASTM D-1785) and (PVC 2" SCH 40 PSI 280 ASTM D-1785) Does that mean that they have pressure ratings of 450 and 280 PSI respectively? Help would be reeally appreciated
Yes they can hold 450 and 280 psi but remember pvc was never meant for air so cut the psi rating in half and u should have an accurate psi
no their both 40 psi well i asume that they are and the 450 and 280 are just code
SCH 40 is Schedule 40. I think it has something to do with the thickness of the pipe wall. Most SCH 40 pipe can handle at least 180 psi, but that's as much as I know about it.
SCH40 is a specific thickness. SCH80 is double the thickness. the PSI ratings are different with different diameter pipe. 1/2 in SCH40 would hold appox. 350 PSI whereas 3 in. SCH40 would hold appox. 180 PSI. this is because PSI is Pounds per Square Inch so the more surface in square inches, the more pressure applied to the overall structure.
audio84485 years ago
 i used the same kind of sprinkler valve mod with the tubing going to the blow gun for an air cannon i built. my air cannon can also run off 12gram co2 cartridges but i think when i break the cartridge open the sprinkler valve lets a bit of the gas out. i think this happens because of the tube in between the blow valve and sprinkler valve allows pressure to be released from  the sprinkler valve opening it all the way for like a fraction of a second. i think when you use an air compressor that doesn't happen because the air enters more slowly instead of all at once. does that make sense? do you know how i could stop that?
how do you fire it could you add another step explaining how to fire it
This project is fairly complex if you have little or no experience.  It also can be very dangerous without the proper knowledge.  All of your questions can be answered by reading the tutorial more carefully, looking at all the pictures, and researching the basics behind pneumatic cannons.

If you are trying to quickly 'throw this together' for a science fair, it's probably not such a good idea.  If you are interested in building one for yourself, start by reading all of the related instructables you can find as well as by using Google to help answer specific questions you may be having about individual components.

For some quick answers to your questions: 1. Expect to spend around $100 if you are starting completely from scratch.  2.  The air is pumped into the chamber through the quick disconnect valve using a hand pump, compressor, etc.  3. Your "ammo" is loaded into the barrel through the bolt, the gun is then pressurized, and then the blow gun trigger is pulled, opening the valve and releasing air, which in turn will launch your projectile.
is the $100 in US dollars because I started this project completely from scratch and only spent about $30-$40, including the sprinkler valve
Yes, that's $100 US. I guess it depends what you mean completely from scratch.  Here's how much everything loosely cost:

Sprinkler Valve ~ $20 (bought online, you probably can get it cheaper)
Blowgun ~ $6
PVC Cement + Primer ~ $10
Tire Valve (2 pack) ~ $5 (probably could find one for free)
Plastic 7min Epoxy ~ $10
PVC Pipe ~ $15
PVC Fittings ~ $15 - $20

All that adds up to a little over $80.  I also got the pressurized air line and fittings for free so I'm not sure how much that would cost (didn't have pressurized tubing at home depot, surprisingly).  I also still need to purchase a scope and a pump which will definitely set this project upwards of $100.  I'm sure you may have some of the items lying around, and can definitely get some cheaper than I did; but if you really are starting from scratch, i don't see how you could spend only $30 - $40.

On top of this, I have a ton of tools at home and have access to a machine shop.  You need to make sure you have the proper equipment and tools to complete everything before you start spending money on parts.
I had the blowgun, the epoxy, the pvc cement/primer, and tire valve. The pvc pipe and fittings are way cheaper than you say. that cost me about $20 total. Then the sprinkler valve cost about $13.
 thanks the budjet is 140$.i knew that you pump the air in with a pump/compressor. i also know that ammo is loaded in through the bolt , the blow  gun trigger releases the air which launches the projectile
neonflame75 years ago
me lives in jamaica although down here we dont got much stuffz....gunnamake this on saturday.....wish me luck.........................P.S. JAMAICANS DONT SAY "MON"
dan5jr5 years ago
Would there be any problems with using a tire (Schrader) valve instead of the female quick disconnect?
Schrader valves that use a piece of flexible rubber hose to control the direction of flow leak a little..  ball-check valve shouldnt leak as much but car tyre valves seem to not leak at all.

That is what alot of people use. i find it easier to use that anyways because you just pop it in the hole and glue it.
doccbones5 years ago
hey I like this ,  like you said read all before starting and it make sense 
 like a old pro, said read the all the paper before makn a comment
saxman316 years ago
can this be used for airsoft
 lol shoot paintballs and call it a grenade lancher
 good idea. by the way  im not that stupid i meant put an inner barrel in it
 well yeah, but i've tried that, and could never get a nice seal
siggi saxman315 years ago
airsoft it fires a co2 cartridge if it hits u it could break your bones.
the secomd tutorial on moding a valve is alot better
knuckel5 years ago
i would like to see a video of your gun, so i can  compare it to mine
DIYtheKid5 years ago
It ocurred to me that you could just place the valve through the 3/4 inch cap that  connects the stock to the gun body.. 

if you dont plan on glueing the stock into the body then it seems ideal to hide the valve in there. it would also make it easier to connect it to a **PROPERLY REGULATED** air tank.

Any ideas anyone?
 how does the air get into the chamber?do you have to pump it in with a pump?please answere fast its for a science fair this friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how much does the whole project ccost if you don't have anything?
scottmiller5 years ago
 Could you replace the PVC with copper tubing and solder it together? That  would allow you to use higher than 150PSI
You could, although it would look rather tacky =P. If you use presure rated PVC you could easily run 150-200 PSI no problem. All the comments saying its dangerous running 40-60 psi is bull... Just dont EVER ... I mean EVER make one with ABS!!!!!  It shatters even under 50 psi 
 OK thanks. I'm currently working on an airsoft gun that uses a lot of PVC. I'll keep your advice inmind.

PS who really cares how it looks just spray paint it...
Rj27115 years ago
what else can you shoot out of this besides CO2 canisters wrapped in duct tape
CHUBSY5 years ago
Hey i wanted to ask if you can sell me one because i have tryed to do i 3 times and its all a big fail. I know its not your instructions because i follow them step by step but some how it never comes out. if you can sell me one reply to this Email- pablo_escobar2002@yahoo.com- how about it ill pay the shipping and you put a reasonable price in US Dollars
gunsnroses7 years ago
couldnt you just use an extra long hose clamp to tie the air chamber and the barrel together?
Its not a problem of the chamber hanging causing stress, but rather the movement either up or down. The piece of wood with a little tape eliminates all movement between barrel and chamber and takes a huge amount of stress off of the whole chamber structure .
what with all the pvc pipe needing
spiderfurby5 years ago
Just a little history the first air rifle was called girandoni air rifle or "Windbüchse" 1779 ., It was used in the Austrian Army, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girandoni_Air_Rifle. Napoleon  was so paranoid that he could be possibly assassinated by one of these silent weapons that he ordered the immediate execution of the gunner on capture. It was very accurate and was used as a sniper. but suffered from other serious flaws see article.
Knexhockey5 years ago
i want to make a gun with this bolt action set up. it would be for a barrel 1/2 inch pvc instead of 1 inch i think it is for this. i dont know if the 1/2 would fit in the 3/4 pipe but if it does should i use the 3/4 in pipe to hold the barrel/bolt thing or should i use 1 inch pipe to hold the barrel/bolt
bio-logical5 years ago
i was just wondering if i can get all these pieces in australia because i went to my local hardware store and they didn't have any of the bits it was a mitre 10 by the way so does anyone know where you can get them???
Try Bunnings or a plumbing supplier.
bunkatron5 years ago
what can i use for bullets
robot1175 years ago

hey how much does this cost all together?


jaythedogg5 years ago
Just as a side note, assuming no one else has corrected you, but 25mm is 1.25 inch not 1 inch, 20mm is 1 inch dude.
yeah actually 25 mm is 2.5 cm. 1 inch is about 2.54 cm, so 25 mm is actually right on. If you're gonna say someone's wrong, make sure you know what you're talking about.
CaptPikel5 years ago
 I like the real scope on it and the overall look. Good build. I usually don't do bolt action on mine but this makes me want to give it a try.
Tim Temple5 years ago
The Argentines made brass ones that they soldered together and used refrigerant for pressure.  The Israelis used one for killing Palestinian protest leaders.  The protests died out....

They did that after the Palestinians started killing their own children and blaming it on the Israelis at these protests. 
was that before or after Anakin attacked the Jedi academy and ate those babies?
thats pretty epic dude
andersd226 years ago
This is sick, but what does it shoot?
what ever fits in the berral
can u some how take out the valve and use it like a spud gun with hair spray and a grill sparker ? if so i think i would have to mod it with the gas line to the barrel. but i also want to no if its strong enough to hold that much pressure.
the kind of thing you are talking about, a "combustion gun" only generates about 60 PSI, this on the other hand uses 100 PSI, almost twice the pressure, why the hell would you want to make it worse???
i dont have the valve and dont want to buy it and i like explosive combustion rather that compressed air. i dont trust the pipe with the 100psi u say it is.
i understand now that you just prefer combustion, but the pipe is pressure rated to around 280, and tested up to 300. You could technically take the valve out, you would just need a coupler and two female adapters.
j-dg5 years ago
Wil this work ?
~Aeronous~5 years ago
what does this fire?
just about anything u can fit in the barrel. but Id recomend thesehttp://www.instructables.com/id/Pvc-AirGun-Bullets/?ALLSTEPS
HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! QUESTION: I have found in my local market (PAKISTAN) the pipes with following ratings (PVC 1" SCH 40 PSI 450 ASTM D-1785) and (PVC 2" SCH 40 PSI 280 ASTM D-1785) Does that mean that they have pressure ratings of 450 and 280 PSI respectively? Help would be really appreciated
no 40 psi
siggi6 years ago
can u fitt a paintball air tank on it so u dont have to use a aircompressor for every shot
A most interesting project, If I as a union pipefitter might chime in about types of pipe. The best in the plastic line for pressure is Schedule 80 PVC which is gray, do not confuse it with the gray electrical conduit PVC. Schedule 80 can and will withstand very high pressure and temp. You must however also use the glue and primer rated for Schedule 80as well as schedule 80 fittings. You will only find these items in a professional plumbing supply house. I have laid out and installed Schedule 80 PVC for presurized sulfuric acid systems for many years and it is pretty tuff stuff.
mikemurph6 years ago
How much did the components on this gun cost you?
frollard6 years ago
You say don't use ABS on this project - but I've done a fair amount of reading as well as fabbed 3 guns so far... SCH40 ABS (the black stuff - not DWV - the sponge crap) is the only pipe available in most of the stores I visit in Alberta, Canada; the only white pvc pipe available is the NON pressure rated stuff used for central vacuum systems. My understanding is that abs fails by ripping, while pvc fails by shattering - the pressure makes it act like its at that low 'brittle' temperature while its stretched. You do mention its very shock sensitive, which is good to mention - but abs isn't bad if you seal it properly.
Interesting to know, actually. I'll keep that in mind in case I ever build one of these with an onboard tank. Until then, I'm continuing to put the 7 gallon tank in my backpack and run my gun an air-line.
chrisre cat6 years ago
what kind of ammo would you use and could you make it
mo5 chrisre cat6 years ago
what ever fits...,but what I do is get a bunch of bb's and wrap it in paper towels then shoot it.
Did you use primer when you painted it.
paulopanta6 years ago
naum da pra ver os arquivos pdf........
isn't it a better idea to use a material that's less likely to explode under such pressure? what other kind of material could the air chamber be made out of that wouldn't explode?
1 inch barrel! on guns that's 100 calibre cause outs meausered in inches like 50 cal is 0.5 of an inch
Im-Parker6 years ago
is this very accurate with the scope? With my gun i just use the best of judgment and depth perception ive got.
Do you have any idea how we could make one of these that isn't bolt action, but magazine fed? I assume there would have to be a way to have "x" amount of pressurized air but control it so that only "y" amount is released for each shot.
zilcho6 years ago
I'm pretty experienced making air cannons and mortars and let me tell you you should never modify pvc fittings that are to be used in high pressure applications. an example of this is the air quick connect. you could just use some reducer bushings and screw it straight into a 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch brass pipe fitting. besides why did that guy modify the solenoid valve when he could have just used a nine volt battery and a push button switch that would have been more like a trigger than a modified blowgun!
you modify the valve to make it open quicker, and for a more ergonomic trigger.. There's no danger in modifying fittings if done correctly.
There is danger if you modify the pvc fittings. These modifications damage the structural integrity. Whatever the pvc is pressure rated for it is now less than half.
No, you're wrong. It's ok to tap through TWO layers of PVC to install a gauge/fitting or to tap through the top of a sprinkler valve to install a trigger as long as long as it's done well and you stay within normal pressures. Solution: Don't use PVC...metal is hella better.
Hey, that's what is did my cannons have got like a 2000 psi max pressure.
zilcho zilcho6 years ago
By the way i admire your instructables
(seabear)6 years ago
would i be able to stick a bi-pod onto it and or fire flaming projectiles?
should we attempt this if we have a low degree of sanity?
yayapplemac6 years ago
ermm.. probably a stupid question, but what do you use as the ammunition?
I have know idea just whatever can fit in the barrel
sempires6 years ago
Hey, I made this air rifle and well, its FREAKING AWESOME! Shooting corks works well with a 3/4 inch barrell. One question, is air supposed to/does it leak from the trigger? It happens with me, and I'm not sure if its something I can fix. Its not a big problem, because I need to be close to my compressor to refill anyway. Another question, can anybody think of a way to attach a 1/4 inch copper barrel to fire BBs. i would prefer it to be detachable and I'm having trouble thinking of a way to do it. Thank you, great instructable.
DinerKid6 years ago
so is there anything to stop the blow gun from sliding out of the slit piece of 3/4" pvc?
zkcaj6 years ago
this version of the pneumatic sniper rifle is pretty sweet besides the barrel size and the breech set up isn't the best.
check out this guys one:
gmorel6 years ago
Excellent..... 10+
this is so cool man I mean really cool good scope. i am a huge non-leathel but painful gun fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is lethal.
belikozo6 years ago
blow gun cost $ 6
ilpug6 years ago
i built one of these, and.... well there just arent enough cuss words to describe how gnarly it is. aside from some minor problems with the valve, ive got the thing working great. i made several mods, including not putting the trigger handle on and just mounting it on the front of the stock (much nicer), and making a short barrel with 7 airsoft barrels so it operates like a shotgun, with enogh power to shred a rattlesnake (did that... got guts on my shoes) i also made a mzzlue supressor, and a barrel that is 1/2 in dia. so i can shoot marbles and other smaller faster ammo. this is a great gun, the only downfall being that it is really complex, and that it has to be reloaded evey shot with a air compressor. there is no doubt that is amazingly form fitting and has amazing power, it just is annoyin to reload... btw im making a smaller one along these lines for an airsoft sniper rifle... will be DEADLY! qs or cs??
cristitomix6 years ago
respondanme soon please thank you very much for all
cristitomix6 years ago
hello good just wanted to know what the extent of putting the elbows 75 and if not centimeters or millimeters is not just what I wanted to know thank you very much to buy
knifepyro6 years ago
were can i get the blow gun valve and how much does it cost?
You can get the blow gun at just about any hardware store. It should be about $6-7. Here is a link to a harbor freight one http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=3962
knifepyro6 years ago
could i just buy the scope and ris trail separatly
knifepyro6 years ago
how do you modifie the sprinkler valve and how much will this whole thing cost if you dont have anything?reply quickly
Is there any type of other triger mechanizm I can use its to complicated to biuld. I heard that Qev valve is good I would like to know if that works. If anyone could answer that would be great!
the qev valves i hav heard are much harder to build and are expensive go to youtube a type in how to mod a sprinkler valve this should help
grillo686 years ago
is the 2' PVC coupling threaded?
How much did this all cost?
just made one, I use it as an "pneumatic speargun" incase anyone asks. I just shot some rolled up newspaper with tape around it. blew a hole in an old unused plastic dog house. the trigger mechanism was a bit tricky to understand, but i made my own version. would like to know if i can mod it to shoot tiny plastic pellets about 3-4.. dia that i have a whole bag of
cool, I want to use it as a speargun as well... could you give a general description of your ammo and how your line is attached to the end of the spear?
nah i dont really use it as a speargun, just thought i may be able to pass it off as one, or a water bubbler (lol) for my fish tank if i get caught with it. trying to make it shoot smaller bb size plastic pellets.
plz dont fire tooth picks........it impales
Why modify the sprinkler valve when you can operate it electrically?
Could also use an electronic sprinkler valve to dump the air. Nice project man. Lovely looking piece of kit. :D
Thats what i used. but i built mine along time ago and its a bazooka and it shoots pvc caps. Its gor a huge chamber and barrel. im gonna go make a sniper out of it.
Nice. Be good to see it. I have some pretty cool designs at the moment I will eventually build.
P.S With the matt black look, if you wanted to give it that weathered, used look, you could sparingly use small flecks of silver paint along the edges of the gun. i.e around the valve, bolt e.t.c. Will give it a nice used look. I did the same when I built my replica proton pack and mini desktop spud cannon.
kyle71196 years ago
Here is the link to the video that the author of this article made.
DevDev6 years ago
I made this gun its awsome
DevDev6 years ago
help help help what is a blow gun valve cool gun by the way
j292136 years ago
i made the gun and it's amazing
suhaib6 years ago
good project but i know people who able to make 55mm artilary gun and mortors
this sounds like a stupid question but how do you load it and shoot it and where do you get you're air from? a compressor?
same here, im a noob at this. how do you pump it with air? how do you load it and shoot it? maybe i should make an easier one first, this one sure looks good though.
you fill it with an air compressor nipple out of the chamber you load it through the bolt at the back of the barrel (just after the valve) you shoot it by pulling (open ) the blow vavle and it realses the pressure on one side of the diphraam and dumps arir into barrel and boom
NX136 years ago
This is a grate Pneumatic Sniper Rifle. I love the design and the bolt action loading. I was just wondering how much did the hole thing cost?
This gun is PERFECT
raedonchar6 years ago
Would a small compressor attached to the chamber be efficient?
was it expensive??
HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! QUESTION: I have found in my local market (PAKISTAN) the pipes with following ratings (PVC 1" SCH 40 PSI 450 ASTM D-1785) and (PVC 2" SCH 40 PSI 280 ASTM D-1785) Does that mean that they have pressure ratings of 450 and 280 PSI respectively? Help would be really appreciated
Yes, it does, but you should never fill it anywhere close to that, as it is not designed for use with air. I have heard that it is safe to fill it to half the pressure rating when using air, but just be careful, theres always a chance it could explode and sverely injure/kill you, especially if you didn't put the safety pop-off thing on it. If anything happens, I take no responsibility...
You're right, one of my dads friends had a piece of pvc blow up on him. He didn't realise that the compressor filled up that fast.
Thnx Dude I was gonna fill it to a maximum of 100 psi anyways
consult google, it knows all
how do u make the bolt action part of it
colt_python6 years ago
the project is really impressive, but can anybody tell me what a blow gun valve is ? and where i can get one ? thanks
this can be found easily at home depot for like i think 7 bucks! good luck!
a blowgun valve is just a small air valve operated by a trigger. it's most commonly used in tyre pumps at gas stations and on air compressors. good luck!
greenie78886 years ago
ilpug6 years ago
can this be modded to be used with a ball pump for portability??? also, where can I get an accurate and airtight air gauge to keep track of pi???
Why would you use a ball pump seriously? You realize how much pumping that would be thats just crazy. Anyways, you can use a tap to tap a whole and use a threaded PSI meter (I think your refering to PSI im not sure) if its threaded... its air tight. You can buy them anywhere they sell tractor tires and air chucks and such.
Montsombre6 years ago
the picture are so self explanitory that you barley need the instructions does anyone agree
hey man dont just go off the pictures. irwinner specifically warns about guys who dont read his instructions fully. if that thing blows it cooudl seriusly hurt you
If you already have spudgun building experience then you could prety much just go off the pics to build somthing similar. Anyways you wouldnt want to just make a clone (no offence the guns awesome), youd want to do all or atlest some of the desinging yourself, thats half the fun!
rhino1324566 years ago
how much does this cost?
leprik0rn6 years ago
hey i was wondering, is it possible to make everything the same, same measurements and all.. except instead of PVC, use copper. ive been told that copper might be hard to use becuase of the solenoid magnet, or something like that in the valve. any advice? Thanks
Erm, just a tip, DON'T DO IT. Copper can be extremely hard, but only when it's made for it. If you're going to do this, make sure you get the right stuff, or they may find you with a piece of copper sticking out your back.
If your gonna spend the money on copper, I would just buy a qev, its better than a sprinkler valve, and theres no solenoid.
copper is not magnetic, but it does conduct electricity quite well
Ryan536 years ago
this is amazing. you know how to do this stuff (sort of) and you can't even use the correct whole/hole in your captions. other than that, nice gun
N1CK4ND0 Ryan536 years ago
Don't be hatin' on another man's English!
N1CK4ND06 years ago
Wow. Great design, if I ever need to put down my dog, I'll know where to go. (just kidding)
pufferboy6 years ago
how big is the whole gun in total length?
ThiZack6 years ago
Very original. I love how it resembles a rifle; not like those in-line styles. Just a couple of things: Do you think (having pressure-rated pipes/fittings) that the stock could be used as part of the chamber? It seems like wasted potential space in my opinion. Is there a reason why you didn't incorporate it with the chamber?
lemone30006 years ago
can this kill ??
It depends on the ammunition or projectile. But in short YES!
neetam1236 years ago
whats the range of this air gun?
llamafur7 years ago
you should shoot unused co2 bottles. they might explode on contact when they hit something
isnt that a good thing
post a list of ammo u can use plz???
razor blades wedged in clay. nails wedged in clay. screws wedged in clay. darts.
anikid rownhunt7 years ago
i would use hobby nails in a empty loo roll tube (cut to specs of bore and nail lenght) place a sheet of loo roll over both ends and secure. this is for my stubby shotgun and pistol rounds (pvc) warning may damage barrle and the round itself may burst under sudden shock. i am not responseble for youre irrisponseble actions
p.s spred the word. =D
rownhunt anikid7 years ago
thanks u think i can mak barrel smaller and shoot pellets??? (need quick reply) :)
anikid rownhunt7 years ago
yes either 177 or 22 id say 22 yu will need a 2 end caps
yes. thats why i said you should use.
irwinner (author)  llamafur7 years ago
i have beaten a cartridge with a large rock several times and only after about the tenth strike did it puncture, and even then it just kinda leaked out slowly. i doubt the effect would be any different than an empty one
nononame6 years ago
Does your blow gun valve leaks air? cuz mine does help plz?
Just Use Epoxy
First, did you check the pressure rating for the valve? Second, What kind of valve is it?
HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! QUESTION: I have found in my local market (PAKISTAN) the pipes with following ratings (PVC 1" SCH 40 PSI 450 ASTM D-1785) and (PVC 2" SCH 40 PSI 280 ASTM D-1785) Does that mean that they have pressure ratings of 450 and 280 PSI respectively? Help would be reeally appreciated
Can you Please tell me from which type of store can i get "( 1x ) female quick disconnect 1/4" 3/8" by 1/4" compression fittings, blowgun valve, 1" sprinkler vlave" (i.e sanitary, air fittings etc.). Or tell me any online store, I will be gratefull
I'm not sure where you live but Lowes or Home Depot should carry those. Maybe Ace Hardware. Very Nice instructable.
brass quick disconnect is primarily used to fill the chamber with air, right! Can I use a car's tyre filling valve instead ?cuz it is cheaper to find
keegster256 years ago
How long are the pieces supposed to be???????
iluvmatools6 years ago
Yo man just want to say thanks for the great Instructable!!! you have inspired my mate and I and we have developed our own little versions.. my mates being a pump loading shotgun version which is promising and if we get it down pat we will load an Instructable for sure!! just having a little issue with the Australian orbit watermaster inline valve not balancing correctly we have one last mod to try but has anyone else had trouble with the 25mm orbit watermaster from Bunnings?
how much do the inline valves cost?? im planning to make a few different versions of these
Majafero6 years ago
how much should all this cost???
micronxd7 years ago
I am SOOO gonna make one of these... (was gonna build a fully automatic CO2 powered BB gun, but this i way cooler) I'm gonna use multiple pressure chambers tho... just so all i need to do between shots is drop the projectile in. thanks for postin!
Hey how does using multiple pressure chambers work to make you only have to put the bullets in after each shot?
You would only use one chamber per shot, and then fill them all up at once when they are empty.
Valdravulfr6 years ago
I was thinking that when it explodes it shards right? What if you wrap tape around everything so that it stays together.
if the pressure is great enough to rip PVC apart, tape wont stand much in its way. thats just my opinion tho
Fair enough. It may slow down the shrds a little bit though... Heaps of layers however may be able to stop the shards entirely...
awaite6 years ago
Do u need to be around a air compressor to use this or is this portable?
If it has an air tank than it is portable.
roman8747 years ago
i really want to biuld one of these so can u tell me ware to get the parts like: if u could give me any of this information i would be happy brand name what it is were i can buy it website
You can get everything at the Home Depot.
Um does any1 know if you can get these parts in australia? im pretty sure a know a place but i just want comfirmation.
You should be able to purchase most, if not all, the parts at your local Bunnings Warehouse or Mitre 10
or lowes
lug big lug6 years ago
Ohh ya, and also this gun looks alot like a P.A.C. 3 from xinventions.com with several mods. Really, is it. I wont hold anything against you considering I have never built the P.A.C. 3 but I have the P.A.C. 6 (the best air cannon in the world for intermediate builders) for my 5th grade science fair project. I am surprized that they let me bring it in the school loaded and pumped up ready to compete against my science teachers hairspray powered on... But any how NICE GUN great idea, good looks and design, and great functionability. A electric valve, an interchangeable barrel, and a breech loader (if it does not already have one (I only skimmed over ur instructible paying only attention to the pics) would be some nice mods.
Baldwin19936 years ago
PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Where do i get a sprinkler valve from? please reply asap
sprinkler valves can be bought from most hardwarestores, like home depot or lowes, if your aussie or kiwi bunnings or mitre 10 they cost about $35 and can also be called inline valves so look for both names
Just switch out the manual valve for a electric sprinkler valve. You would power it with three nine volts hooked up +/-~+/-~+/- (whith the first + to the valve and the last - to a doorbell button (these work THE best) then to the valve. The doorbell button, the batteries, just about all the pipe work, the sprinkler valve, and wire can be found at Home Depot. The battery attachments can be found at Radio Shack or you can solder them directly onto the batteries. I would suggest that you have a main power switch inbetween the batteries and the door bell to keep the batteries from going dead (it can also be found at radio shack).
Woolnut6 years ago
Hey man well done on your rifle I like it alot.

HaloFreak6 years ago
BTW, what does the RIS rail help do?
HaloFreak6 years ago
Read the Instructable before you put up something. Yeah, I sound like some kind of Forum Mod but, it just kinda annoys me when people post something thats inside the instructable. But, if your lazy like me alot of the time, it's air powered.
12046 years ago
does this really work??? what is its power supply
jake_12896 years ago
been looking into a cannon and i think i found one worth making. How much did it cost you?
i am currently working on one similar to this that is using an electronic sprinkler valve. i'll post a link when i finish it.
im in homemade warrior
want to join my group? this is an awsome instructable good job man
Punished076 years ago
I was thinking about putting 2 air chambers on by just using a Y and a two ball valves and was wondering what you thought. Is there a better way?
MAXIMADEMON6 years ago
hello irwinner you are the man!!! kudos to you!!! you did it!!! so how about to make the rifle a little heavy!!! steel!!! and just one more cuestion... actually what are you studing?
irwinner (author)  MAXIMADEMON6 years ago
jejeje forget it hey man do you know whats the last age to get in the air force? sorry i dot know im 7 years
gsplay6 years ago
well i want to ask you what type of compressor u using and where do you put it??
blugyblug6 years ago
Wats with all the noobs demanding plans and information. If they thought about it for a second they would figure it out easily. We arent gonna spoonfeed you ya know. Dont ask questions like "How far does it shoot"or "How do i make a silencer" It depends on how much you pump it and how high you are shooting. And if you actually searched google/wiki "silencer" there would be heaps of info telling you how it works. Building it is easy because you know what they look like on the inside
i totally agree with you, reasearch can go a long way and have you guys noticed that irwinner doesnt respond to noobs asking for info, he has only responded to worthwhile questions
i cant get the pipe to go all the way through the angle piece
what is a blowgun valve?
omg, that is one crazy spud gun
what is the ammo?
what does it shoot?
MAXIMADEMON6 years ago
just one more cuestion i expect that somebady could help me. whats the last age for get in USAF??? I AM SO INTERESTING PLEASE HELP ME
Caleb7776 years ago
Awesome Build
For those of you like me who are wondering how the valve was modified here is a link with instructions
munkeeboy6 years ago
Zomg!! I'm excited. I'm actually building one of these. I'm skipping the handle step because I deemed it a tad unecessary (I'm just have the blow gun valve attach with a double ended brass fitting directly to the inline valve where t will stick out directly to the right). Also, I'm skipping the stock. Instead of using a 3/4 end cap backwards, I have four inch length of pipe extending out and then capped regularly. My friend made me a stock out of pine in woodshop. Other than that, it's pretty much exactly the same.
nutron766 years ago
Thanks for share your idea but I still can't open your video..why?
hi irwinner, where and for how much did you buy that valve?
Whot does that sprinkler valve called in dutch? and where can i buy it in the netherlands? thnx =)
It is actually called an Inline Valve. I had this trouble too when looking for one. Noone at any hardware store knew what the hell a sprinkler valve was.
fcaetano6 years ago
Hello Irwinner, That gun is incredibly beautiful, but how is it`s loading system? Is it automatic? I didn`t understood that because in your diagram, there were no "bullets compartment", do you know what I mean?
Its just a single round, bolt action. You open the bolt, put in a round, fire, and repeat. There is no clip to hold several bullets, you just load them as you fire. His video is messed up on Instructables, but watch it on youtube here, it is pretty self explanatory.
Does the size of the chamber matter? Is bigger better or does it make no difference?
A barrel to chamber volume ratio of around 1:3 is good, bigger is better to a certain point but eventually it no longer makes a difference.
the volume of the chamber should be ideally the same volume as the barrel, if not a bit bigger.
miandor6 years ago
btw waht is it supposed to fire?
apod miandor6 years ago
ice chuncks, as refered to above
spazbagg7 years ago
wats it shoot?
apod spazbagg6 years ago
make ice chuncks a couple of inches long by freezing them inside a piece of pvc the same diameter of the barrel
MudBubble7 years ago
Hey, if these pipes are pvc they should be white. What did you use to paint them black?
Wouldn't it corrode the PVC or something? causing it to explode in your face the next launch? haha
If you are worried about the pipe losing strength, just rap it with black electrical tape
Don't wrap it in tape and think its more pressure resistant! I does close to nothing to avoid explosion
I meant he could rap it in black tape instead of painting it.
irwinner (author)  MudBubble6 years ago
no, PVC is a very chemical resistant material so long as you stay away from certain petroleum based products. but even then independent studies have shown they don't have that much of an effect on the pipe
no, some PVC companies are getting rid of a few materials to make it more corrosion resistant, and i think your talking about CPVC
He just used spraypaint or something.
munkeeboy6 years ago
I love it. I always wondered about breech loading for pneumatic guns. I myself have seven. A small one for shooting paintball grenades (I use a footpump for protability). Two spud guns (pneumatic and gas sparking) with five foot long barrels. Three small ones with 3/4 barrel that fit into agrenade launcher thing attached to my paintball gun. And a final two foot long, with a two inch wide barrel that works both pneumatically and with the gas and ignitor method. I was wondering how the airgun trigger works?
scott86926 years ago
how much did this cost
MEDIC! we got a ded vid here
Kaiven7 years ago
I don't understand!!! I modded the sprinkler valve, but air comes out of the HANDLE and not the BARREL. SO I plugged trhe diaphram, and the air goes out the barrel, but the trigger doesn't work! I don't get how to mod the sprinkler valve!
Kaiven7 years ago
Where can i get an airgun trigger? i dont know where i can get one, and would appreciate if someoen could tell me. i live in the USA and need an answer soon.obviously, they are found on airguns but i dont know where to get those either. also, could i just use ball valve? i know it doesnt realease as fsat, but it might be the only thing i can get :/
Go to home depot, find the big air compressor things and look around in that area. I've seen them there before.
really? thanks man!
they also sell the sprinkler valves for like 12 bucks, usually around the plumbing section. they're called orbit watermasters.
oh hey, ive bought a sprinkler valve but it is electronic. i didnt buy the airgun trigger because i plan to use a button. th only thing i dont know is what voltage to use. the label said: 24 ac volts/ 60 hertz what is that in dc?
If you use the electronic solenoid, your gun will be WAY less powerful, so you should modify the valve to manual unless you want a wimpy, lame gun (just read the instructable, irwinner shows you how). If you are going to use an electric trigger, I have no idea how to set it up.
uh, there is a problem though. i dont see an open part in the middle/top of my valve. and could you explain why it would be wimpy? can it not hold pressure? well the trigger not open fastr enough? i already found out how to make the valve open, but if it is going to be weaker, i need to know so i can buy another valve.
1. You have to make the hole in the middle/top of your valve with a drill. (learn how here)
2. If you use the built in electronic solenoid, it will still work, but the valve will open slowly, and leak air into the barrel more than blast it.
Thanks for the link!
ive seen those, just not the triggers.
what is it powered by, where can i get it? and can it be pumped by a bike pump!!!???
You can use a bike pump but you need to use a schrader valve instead of a quick disconnect. In regards to getting one, you're supposed to build it.
can you use a basketball pump
minerug7 years ago
can u please either post a link to a silencer instructable or make 1 plz?
there not that hard to make if you know how they work. the way it works is that the silencer is still a closed port with 1 opening, but because it has much more space compared to the tiny 9mm barrels on most pistols, the gasses from the bullet expand quickly and leave the gun with a much quieter sound. so pretty much get another pvc pipe thats bigger than the barrel and cut away at its insides a little until its very open and just slides onto the barrel
ok, thank you
ellopete7 years ago
this looks really great, but i didnt like the postion of the trigger
is there any way that the triger can be placed closer to the stock
(didnt want to try it myself without knowing if changing the position of it worked)
but heck, even with the trigger in that position i wuld still make it

and silencer is easy to make if u knokw the principles
that is a basic desing of a silencer
(=) = free space for noise to be stopped
: = a wall between each chamber (=)
[,], = ends of silencer

and by the way y r silencers ilegal
im from brasil (where watever is illegal, who cares, where allmost anything done that is illegal u will prob not get caught)
anyways great looking gun
Bhakto7 years ago
hey nice work, looks nice.. but here what I don't get: 1.- open bolt 2.-load ammo 3.-pump air 4.- close bolt 5.-fire at will ...right ? but can you like walk around and loaded by pumping something, thats what I understand from Pneumatic, or do you NEED a air commpresor next to you to load every time .... thanks
Kaiven Bhakto7 years ago
hmm... i think you need an aircompesser, and if you want a bike pump, put the right valve on our gun. to fire/load: 1. - open bolt 2. - load ammo 3. - close bolt 4. - pump air 5. - fire at will hope this helped :D
Bhakto Kaiven7 years ago
well then its not Pneumatic anymore, you arent pumping anything... or I am wrong ?
Kaiven Bhakto7 years ago
it is pneumtic because it uses compressed air power
Bhakto Kaiven7 years ago
ill be darn... well tyvm anyway!
Im having a little trouble with finding the right kind of quick disconnect valve. Could you put up another picture of it, and the different parts of it.
Can you fire multiple shots without having to repreasurize?
irwinner (author)  Pvt. Slipknot7 years ago
not really and if you can you would only get like two shots out of it max. not to mention the second shot would be extremely low power. the whole point of using a modified sprinkler valve is to dump as much air into the barrel in the shortest possible time.
You could hook it up to a small air compressor that could be rigged to a back-pack. Just gotta fing one thats gas powered.
winlandm7 years ago
This design is great, but it would be really nice if you added the number of feet of PVC pipe needed to create this to the parts list. Also, it would be nice if you gave suggestions about what would make good ammo.
Ping-pong balls might work if you filled them with something. Or you could a smaller diameter and shoot marbles. Heeerre, squirrel, squirrel, squirrel.
comander017 years ago
How Accurate is this gun? If you were to make it out of copper tubing and use a high PSI tank, could it be used for hunting small game?
lol i saw this gun on google like a year ago

Pneumatic Spud Shooter
by Bob Simon

sachila7 years ago
how to get the power , can bicycle pump give the powers and how to make bulets plz reply to my anwers to sachilthakshika@gmail.com
Robot Ninja7 years ago
me and my bro made this gun and its awesome, we had to replace the sprinkler and some other pieces (forgot name connects hose from trigger to sprinkler valve) and we had to replace hose to but our second one was low pressure so now it only goes up to 45 psi and we never fixed it but its awesome gun and we did a desert camo paint job it looks sweet
JoeyJaroz7 years ago
for anyone who wanted to know I'm building it now and it cost me a little under $60 US, $56ish
where can i find laws for north ridgeville.oh
Spense097 years ago
If I were to build this, I would buy all the peices. About how much money would it take to buy these peices?
how much did it cost?
anarky7 years ago
Have you thought about using HDPE instead of PVC? I'm not sure if HDPE even comes in a small enough bore for this project, but if it does, it would perfect this design and make it a LOT safer.

HDPE (High-density polyethylene) is a special thermoplastic used in a variety of consumer products. We pyros use HDPE instead of PVC for our mortar racks, because it's much better than PVC. It can withstand higher and lower temperatures, it's over three times as strong, impact-resistant, and lastly, if it *DOES* happen to burst/break, it doesn't shatter like PVC. It just rips apart instead of sending shrapnel flying.

Like I said, pyros use it for mortars, but we never buy any tubes with less than a 1-3/4-inch inside diameter. It looks like you would need something with about a 1-inch ID? I'd be willing to bet that it's available in your size.

Anyway, just wanted to add that suggestion. It would increase the cost of this project, but only by a few dollars. But if some or all of the components of this device were made out of HDPE, you could rest assured it would be MUCH safer and a LOT more durable. It'd also add a bit of realistic weight. ;)
That stuff is expensive isnt it
More than PVC, yeah. I'm not sure if it comes in this small of a bore, but if it does, it would cost probably around 50 cents per foot or so, maybe more. It's worth it though...super strong, much stronger than PVC. And like I said, it doesn't shatter and send shrapnel flying everywhere. It tears open instead.
irwinner (author)  anarky7 years ago
can you suggest somewhere to buy it from? and do you know if it can be solvent welded like PVC?
What does the rifle shoot? (I don't think I saw it in the text)
anarky irwinner7 years ago
I'm pretty sure it can be solvent-welded. When it comes to buying it, I've always just "known a guy" locally that I can get it from for our pyro needs. But I think there are companies that sell it online, and I've seen it on eBay as well, but not in a diameter smaller than 1.75 inches. I would just do some Google searches for HDPE, or look in your phonebook for textile or plastic manufacturers, and call around. Even if the first few companies you call don't sell it, they might be able to point you in the right direction. And like I said, I'm not even SURE that it comes in a small enough inside diameter for what you need, but I'd guess it does.
QwakHed anarky7 years ago
Being another of the Flame worshippers, i would try Sc80 pvc.
my name is better, nice tip though...
irwinner (author)  anarky7 years ago
is that pipe also referred to as poly pipe? i was thinking about using that stuff but i couldn't find any glue for it wasn there were no local suppliers. also the thing is pretty damn heavy as it is
before I put the trigger assembly together, would I be able to hook it up to a regular can of co2 like paintbail?
irwinner (author)  TurkeyHunter7 years ago
only if you properly regulated that CO2 down to 100psi or less
this thing is TOTALLY BEAST i cant wait to make mine... i might have trouble with the valve and trigger, but its nothing too hard. could you make more detailed diagrams and stuff like that so i can for sure know what im doing? this is totally awesome. ive looked on the web and nothing comes close to this... i like the bolt action inteface as upposed to other methods... this pneumatic cannon is genius! way to go!
oh yeah.. and what is the material that makes up the bolt action firing mechanism?
irwinner (author)  afroninja0697 years ago
the bolt is made from PVC, wood, a hose clamp, and some tape
ColinR947 years ago
what does it shoot? I didn't look through the text very hard but I didn't see it...
irwinner (author)  ColinR947 years ago
anything that can fit in the barrel i suppose
crazyboy2467 years ago
that would kill at a airsoft game
Hehe, I used marshmallows and when someone dared me to shoot them because they thought it wouldn't hurt they cried like a baby!!!! It was so funny!!
irwinner (author)  Pvt. Slipknot7 years ago
umm yea... shooting people with this gun = very bad idea
maxpower497 years ago
how does the firing thing work
irwinner (author)  maxpower497 years ago
the blow gun exhausts the pilot chamber of the sprinkler valve which creates a pressure imbalance that forces the diaphragm open very quickly allowing the air to flow through the valve.... if i were to be actually be speaking with you i know by now you would most likely be staring at me with a dazed look on your face, dont worry im looking for a diagram
i'm staring at the computer with a blank face right now
math hurt brain
Its physics lol
irwinner (author)  maxpower497 years ago
irwinner (author)  irwinner7 years ago
there i put an animation of how they work in the stock and valve section of the tutorial.
what is the pilot chamber, and how does the blow gun exhaust it?
ricky227 years ago
Hawaii000007 years ago
Looks (and sounnds) can be deceiving. If you watch the video carefully the projectile drops quite a bit in that short distance. I might add that looks AWSOME and it is probably much better than anything I have made (or anyone else on this site) Good work !
irwinner (author)  Hawaii000007 years ago
that is the direct result of a horribly inaccurate and not very aerodynamic projectile. the scope which is not aligned at all in this video could also be a an issue. since the video was shot i have moved over to deadly accurate 1/2" nail darts (which also happen to be very destructive)
Sounds good ( if you have a video can you show us)
irwinner (author)  Hawaii000007 years ago
my neighbors are commies and call the cops when they hear anything that could remotely be a loud noise so it is unlikely i will have a video anytime soon. this video was shot from my uncles house who happens to live 3 hours away (not that i really needed to leave the state to use this i just happened to be there on vacation)
And you brought it with you!!!
irwinner (author)  Hawaii000007 years ago
yea thats pretty much what went down, my uncle lives like out in the middle of the woods, the closest house is 1/4 a mile to 1/2 a mile away.
I wish I had a place like that to go when I made dangerous divices.
my friend has a private ranch we can go to to blow up stuff and hunt for now...(he's selling it)
Havoc4817 years ago
the one on the left is my design the one on the right is the original tell me if there are any improvements tha i i should do to mine I used autosketch not to exact specs yet
C:\Users\Chris\Pictures\25MM Pneumatic Sniper Rifle.jpg
irwinner (author)  Havoc4817 years ago
everything appears to be in order, just remember you don't want the stock to be pressurized so block the fittings going to it. if the stock becomes pressurized then there will be a decrease in performance becuase of the added turbulence.
if you block off one end of the stock in the right place, and make it so all the air goes in the same direction, then it's ok
all right thanks
these are scaned imgs from print outs
C:\Users\Chris\Desktop\2007_10_02\PSR 2_0002.jpgC:\Users\Chris\Desktop\2007_10_02\PSF 1.jpg
sorry img is so small
nice, clear instructions, lot's of pictures, lot's of views, you should put this in the instructables book contest, you'd win for sure
can you use a blowgun to actuate any other type of valve, because it is a good way to incorperate a realisticish trigger into an airgun
Everybody, you don't have to use only half the pressure, that is just engineering rule of thumb, i recomend using 65 percent of the rating, but after you have used your airgun for a long time, pressurizing to the pipe's limit every once in a while is fairly safe (every once in a while would be only a few times a year)
Is it legal for a 13 year old to own one?
Depends on where you live... and remember, anything is legal, as long as you don't get caught.
irwinner (author)  screenaholic7 years ago
so long as you are shooting potatoes/other generic spud gun ammo out of a device like this its not considered a weapon by the ATF, so on a federal level you're good. however, that doesn't mean that if your local police force wont charge with some BS crime. just be smart about it. only fire it on your own property and and dont shoot at people/cars/houses
blugyblug7 years ago
O yeah, everyone. USE HELIUM. Its the lightest gas in the world or something which means it moves waay faster. Therefore you shoot faster. =D.