26" Beauty Dish for Around $40.


Introduction: 26" Beauty Dish for Around $40.

Bought items from my local Lowes store. Cost me $35 and I had some nuts and things around the house.

Step 1: Follow Pictures.

If you need more explanation please just ask. I am not much for words so I apologize in advance.



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    This looks pretty good, but some explanation of the parts and assembly would be helpful.

    For example, what is the fabric you used and how did you attach it?

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    You are correct. I threw this together before work. I should redo it later. I attached a shower curtain just with some duct tape. I would have liked to done that a different way.

    Hey, sometimes quick and easy is the best route!

    If you ever felt so inclined, you could edit and make any updates or changes at some point. I update and edit my instructables all the time :)